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Car insurance in Switzerland

Car insurance provides protection for car drivers and owners. Vehicle liability insurance covers third-party claims for damages and is obligatory in Switzerland. Voluntary comprehensive or “casco” insurance covers any damage you may cause to your car, while passenger accident insurance protects you against the financial consequences of passengers in your vehicle being injured.

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Comparis cancellation reminder
Register easily for the Comparis cancellation service, then sit back and relax. Comparis will send you a reminder when your policy is about to expire and it's time to compare car insurance deals. More
Cancellation letter
The easiest way to cancel your current car insurance policy – use our cancellation letter template. Open cancellation letter template
Registering your vehicle
You want to register your vehicle with the Road Traffic Office, but don't know how? Find out all you need to know about vehicle registration here. Registering a vehicle
Explanation of car insurance terms
All the key terminology relating to car insurance is listed in the glossary and explained in an easy-to-understand way. Look up terms

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