Vehicle data

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First registration
The date on which the vehicle was first registered to a number plate.

This date can be found on panel 36 of your vehicle registration document (month and year).

Main driver details

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Main driver
Please specify the person using the vehicle most often.
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Category B driving licence
On the new Swiss driving licence, the date of the driving exam is noted on the back side under item 10, category B.
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Policyholder details

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The policyholder is the person who takes out the insurance and thus has the associated rights and responsibilities.
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Insurance details

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Basic coverage
Our recommendation (pre-selection) for the basic coverage depends on the vehicle's age and whether it is leased or not:
  • Leased vehicles: collision casco is mandatory
  • Age of vehicle up to 4 years: collision casco is recommended
  • Age of vehicle up to 8 years: partial casco is recommended

Basic coverage

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Why do I need liability insurance?
Liability insurance is mandatory and covers damage you inflict on others with your vehicle.
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Partial casco

Partial casco (or collision insurance) covers the following risks:

  • Theft of the vehicle
  • Natural hazards such as hailstorms, landslides, flooding, etc.
  • Damage to windows and possibly also other parts of the vehicle made of glass or glass-like materials
  • Collision with animals
  • Acts of vandalism such as intentionally broken aerials, screen wipers or wing mirrors, punctured tyres
  • Damage caused by martens
Tip: Since repair costs for replacing the windscreen etc. do not necessarily decrease with increasing vehicle age, it may well be worth buying partial casco insurance for older cars, too.

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Collision casco
Collision casco insurance covers damage to the insured vehicle caused by the driver him-/herself. Leasing companies usually require collision insurance for leased vehicles.

Recommended for newer vehicles up to about 4 years.

Supplementary coverage

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Bonus protection
This endorsement makes sure that the bonus level – and thus the premium – does not increase in the insurance year following a one-time (sometimes also repeated) claim(s).
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Personal belongings / items carried in the car

  • Damage to or destruction of items carried along by the driver or passengers for their personal use, provided the vehicle has suffered damage covered under casco insurance
  • Theft, if the effects (items) were located in the fully locked car

Please note that these benefits are usually – at least in part – covered by home contents insurance (simple theft away from home).
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Damage while parked
Insurance for damage while parked covers damage inflicted on your parked vehicle by unknown third parties.

Recommended for newer vehicles that are often parked outside. Can often only be bought in combination with collision casco.
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Damage while parked – unlimited insurance sum
If the insurance sum is unlimited, the amount of damage does not matter.
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Occupants insurance
  • Treatment costs
  • Daily allowance in case of hospitalization or incapacity for work
  • Lump-sum death benefits
  • Lump-sum disability benefits

Usually needless, as in Switzerland almost everyone is covered by health insurance or non-occupational accident insurance. Persons living in Switzerland with a Schengen visum are likewise required to have health and accident insurance. This coverage is only recommended for persons who often have guests from abroad in their car who do not need a visa and come from a country without mandatory insurance.

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Lump-sum death benefit
The lump-sum death benefit is the amount of money that is paid to the survivors in the event of the insured person's death.
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Lump-sum disability benefit
In the event of disability, the disability insurance pays the sum insured as stipulated in the contract. In case of total disability, the full insurance sum is disbursed. In case of partial disability, a corresponding percentage of the sum is disbursed.
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Daily allowance
Many providers of motor vehicle insurance offer the option of including coverage for a daily allowance of generally 25 to 50 francs in occupants insurance. This allowance is paid if an insured person is temporarily unable to work following an accident in the vehicle in question. This allowance is usually disbursed in addition to any allowance from the mandatory accident insurance that one has through one's employer, for instance.
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Daily hospital allowance
The daily hospital benefits insurance pays the insured person a previously agreed per diem for every day spent in hospital (up to 730 days).


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Deductible for partial casco
Hardly pays off with partial casco (i.e. comprehensive insurance) as you save relatively little on premiums.
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Deductible for collision casco
A higher deductible for collision claims reduces the premium considerably more than a higher deductible for partial casco. We therefore recommend the former provided you are willing to bear a greater part of the costs in the event of a claim.