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Car financing and leasing

Lease or loan - which type of financing is best for you?

Just answer a few questions to find the car financing solution that fits your needs.

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Overview of key points

A lease is a contract in which one party conveys the use of an object to another party. The lessor is the legal owner and allows the lessee to use the object. In return, the lessor receives payments in the form of lease instalments for an agreed period of time. Unlike a personal loan, leasing involves the lending of an object rather than money. In Switzerland, leasing agreements are primarily used for cars and motorcycles.

During the period of the lease, the lessee is obliged to take care of the vehicle. In other words, lessees are responsible not only for taking out fully comprehensive (full casco) insurance, but for arranging service and maintenance as well. At the end of the agreement, the object is transferred back to the lessor and the lessee has no right under civil law to ownership of the leased object. 

Find out whether a lease or a personal loan is the best solution for you at

Calculate lease payment

Car financing

Find out everything you need to know about financing a car purchase. What hidden costs should I reckon with? What are the alternatives? What are the pros and cons?

How to finance your new car

With a personal loan, the car belongs to you from the start. Once you’ve paid off the loan, you get to keep it. At, you can find out whether leasing or a personal loan is the right choice for you.

Tips and information

  • Buying a car: what should I watch out for?

  • Car accident – what should I do?

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Approval of a leasing is forbidden by law if it would lead to over-indebtedness (Art. 3 UWG).

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