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Loan approval is forbidden by law if it would lead to over-indebtedness (Art. 3 UWG).
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Use the credit limit calculator to quickly work out your maximum borrowing capacity in accordance with the guidelines of the Consumer Credit Act (KKG).

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Our lender comparison for personal loans gives you an overview of interest rates, repayment terms and possible instalments for your loan. But remember – low interest rates come with stricter lending criteria and are not suitable for everyone.

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It's worth having the terms of your loan checked – you could save up to CHF 1,600. With a personal, no-obligation comparison from, you can find out whether your loan is available at lower rates and whether it's worth refinancing. Apply now with no obligation and work out how much you could save.

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Comparison of Swiss personal loans

Taking out a new loan

Each bank defines its own specific lending criteria. Your personal situation determines which bank will lend you money under what conditions and at what rates. They will consider factors such as your personal income and expenses and an assessment of your payment practices. You will therefore need to submit a loan application in order to find out what interest rate will apply to you personally. Each application to a bank or lender is recorded at the Central Office for Credit Information (ZEK). To prevent you from receiving a negative record, we can perform an independent loan comparison on your behalf to find out what interest rate you could be offered and which lender would be a good fit for you. Check now.

In our comparison of loans and lenders we provide you with an overview of possible lending interest rates.

Refinancing a loan

It is quite common for a borrower's situation or market conditions to change during the repayment term of a personal loan. It is therefore worth checking whether a cheaper personal loan would be available. You can switch from a more expensive to a more affordable lender free of charge at any time. You can get the conditions of your current personal loan reviewed here.

The team of experts at Credaris will be pleased to help you select the right lender and the best personal loan for your needs. Credaris is an independent partner service of

Loan illustration: Loan amount of CHF 20,000. Effective annual interest rate of 1) 4.5% to 2) 9.9%. Over 36 months, this generates interest or loan costs of 1) CHF 1,388.80 to 2) CHF 3,056.10 and a monthly instalment of 1) CHF 594.15 to 2) CHF 640.45.