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Money and personal loans are sensitive subjects. But I never once felt uncomfortable, and would like to thank Credaris for their wonderful work and excellent service.

A.K., Credaris customer

Credaris is a partner service of

Since I found out that I can avoid a negative credit record by finding a loan through Comparis/Credaris, this is who I turn to first – in the knowledge that they will find the right loan for me.

M.K., Credaris customer

Credaris is a partner service of

Many thanks for such terrific support. Your painstaking approach meant that I was able to find a loan despite my situation.

R.R., Credaris customer

Credaris is a partner service of

I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Credaris and the experience I had with them. Their attitude was consistently friendly and positive, which is not always a given.

W.B., Credaris customer

Credaris is a partner service of

Their attitude was consistently friendly and positive, which is not always a given.

S.B., Credaris customer

Credaris is a partner service of

Calculate borrowing capacity

Compare rates and lenders

Our lender comparison for personal loans provides an overview of interest rates, repayment terms and possible instalments for your loan. You can therefore only find out the precise rate you will be offered by submitting a loan enquiry. Check interest rates quickly and easily and work out the monthly instalment and loan costs of the different lenders before taking out a loan. 

Refinance a loan

Check the terms of your loan – it's worth it! You can review the terms and conditions of your current loan with no obligation or increase the loan amount. It's possible to switch to a different lender free of charge at any time. Find out whether you can get a lower rate for your loan and how to increase the loan amount.

Comparison of Swiss personal loans

Why compare loans?
5 reasons why it's worth submitting a loan enquiry via Comparis:
✓ The enquiry is free of charge and with no obligation
✓ Our team of experts researches individual deals for you
✓ Higher chances of being approved for a personal loan
✓ Reduced risk of a negative credit record
✓ Reputable and established lenders only

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Loan criteria
What should you watch out for when taking out a loan and what criteria must you fulfil to be offered the best rates? If your loan application is rejected, this will be recorded at the Central Office for Credit Information (ZEK), which maintains a database of personal loan transactions. Such an entry could adversely affect your chances of being approved for a loan in the future. Find out here what lending criteria are considered if you wish to take out a loan in Switzerland.

View eligibility criteria
Credit check
The credit check is key to the success of your loan application. However, many people do not fully understand the concept of credit standing or know how to find out their rating. Here you can discover more about credit checks, why a good credit score is not just important for obtaining a personal loan, and how to view your rating free of charge.

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Loan illustration: Loan amount of CHF 20,000. Effective annual interest rate of 1) 4.4% to 2) 9.95%. Over 36 months, this generates interest or costs of 1) CHF 1,357.90 to 2) CHF 3,071.55 and a monthly instalment of 1) CHF 593.30 to 2) CHF 640.90. Lenders offer terms from 6 to 120 months.