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Calculate credit limit

How high is my maximum loan amount?

There are many reasons why you might wish to take out a loan, and this usually influences the amount you would like to borrow. It is possible to work out roughly how much a lender would offer you, because the first step in determining how much can be approved is the credit check.

Credit limit calculator

Loan amounts of up to 80,000 francs are subject to the Consumer Credit Act (KKG/LCC). To protect borrowers from excessive debt, the Consumer Credit Act states that all lenders must assess their applicants' credit capacity. The purpose of this is to ensure that borrowers have the means to pay back their loan. With the credit limit calculator at, you can work out the maximum amount you could borrow according to Consumer Credit Act guidelines.

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Credaris, a partner service of, compares all lenders and finds a suitable loan for your profile.

How is the credit limit calculated?

The credit limit calculator at uses the same software (Kremo) as the lenders.

You can obtain a reasonable, approximate value by entering just a few details.

To keep it simple, an average value from your canton of residences is used for the health insurance premium amount, for example. Average values are also used to calculate various other expenses. Exact amounts or outgoings, such as a lease or existing loan payments, are only applied in the detailed assessment. For this, information must be requested from the Information Centre for Consumer Credit (IKO).

Whether you are applying for a new loan or refinancing one, your income and outgoings are reviewed more thoroughly and you may need to provide supporting documents as proof. This also depends on the lender, its risk policy and the profile of the borrower.

Good to know: the Consumer Credit Act states that a loan may only be approved if the borrower is in a position to repay the total amount (monthly instalments and interest) within 36 months using the seizable portion of their income.

Some lenders will grant unsecured loans of up to 250,000 francs to private individuals. Although such loan amounts are not subject to the Consumer Credit Act, lenders protect themselves against borrower default by conducting thorough risk assessments.

Approval of a loan is forbidden by law if it would lead to over-indebtedness (Art. 3 UWG).

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