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Mortgage calculator

If you start arranging your mortgage in good time, the buying process will go smoothly once you have found your dream home. Use the mortgage calculator to work out the Affordability of your prospective house purchase and then find out what mortgage rate is available to you by comparing mortgages at – with no obligation.

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How the mortgage calculator works

The basic information required to calculate a mortgage is the purchase price of the property, the available deposit and the gross annual income. These figures are used to calculate affordability and the loan-to-value ratio. This information is key to lenders as it provides an indication of your creditworthiness. In the next step, you will find out more about the costs involved. You can specify your preferred repayment term or the interest rate for the mortgage and the potential costs will be displayed.

What do the terms “affordability” and “loan-to-value ratio” mean?

Affordability provides an indication of whether you can afford your chosen home in the long term, including during periods when interest rates are high. If the affordability value is low, you have a good chance of being offered an attractive interest rate. If your affordability is greater than 33%, it will be very difficult to find a lender and you will need to consider ways in which you can improve your affordability.

The Loan-to-value ratio describes the proportion of the amount you are borrowing and your deposit to the purchase price. Note that most lenders offer a loan-to-value ratio of no greater than 80%, which means you will need to provide a deposit of at least 20%. If the loan-to-value ratio is 66.67% or more, a second mortgage is usually taken out, generally at a higher interest rate.

Notes on the mortgage calculator at

The calculation is based on the figures you provide, as well as assumptions and approximate values. can assume no responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of the results. The results are for information purposes only; any purchases made on the basis of these results are at the customer's own risk.

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