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Contents insurance in Switzerland

Home contents insurance reimburses for damage to the policyholder's belongings such as furniture, electronic devices, clothing, sports and hobby equipment. In Switzerland, the basic cover includes damage due to fire, natural hazards, tap water and groundwater, and burglary. Additional cover can be bought for risks such as simple theft, losing, earthquakes or any damage from outside.


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Storms frequently flood not only houses and streets, but also motorway slip roads.

Storms – how to navigate the claims process with ease

Thunder, lightning and gales – for days, storms have been ravaging large parts of Switzerland. Such storms cause damage worth millions, as well as financial difficulties and psychological stress. Here you can read about the right way to proceed in the event of a claim. More

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Contents insurance – key questions and answers

Whether you are moving into your first apartment, setting up an apartment share or moving in with your partner – don’t forget to insure your personal belongings. Comparis answers your most pressing questions on the subject of contents insurance. More


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