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Below you can find information on the home contents and personal liability insurance offered by ELVIA. It is divided into product characteristics, information about the insurance company, customer satisfaction and forum posts.

Products from ELVIA

  • Contents insurance

    Additional cover against loss or damage due to scorching, power outage or electrical damage as well as loss or damage caused by meteorites, a crash or forced landing of an aircraft, spacecraft or satellite (or parts thereof).

    Additional cover against:
    • frost damage to water pipes inside the building installed by the tenant
    • loss or damage caused by oil or other liquids leaking from heating systems
    • cost of water loss due to an insured event

    Additional cover for household effects damaged or lost during a move, max. CHF 5000 once every 5 years.

    Glass breakage
    Cover against breakage of glass or glass-like substitutes of:
    • furniture glass
    • building glass
    • sinks, wash basins, toilets (including cisterns), bidets, urinals and partition walls
    • additionally, up to CHF 5000 for consequential and complementary damage resulting from glass damage

    Payment limits
    • Cover for expenses (changing door locks, emergency exits, hotel bills, etc.): up to 10 per cent of the sum insured under contents insurance
    • Cover for monetary values: up to CHF 5000 (simple theft is not covered)
    • Cover for jewellery: up to CHF 10,000 in case of simple theft and burglary (sum insured can be increased to CHF 40,000 max.). This limit does not apply if the jewellery is locked away in a standalone safe weighing at least 100 kg or in a wall-mounted safe which is built into the brickwork.
    • Up to CHF 5000 for consequential and complementary damage resulting from glass damage
    • Cover against loss or damage due to scorching or caused by cooking or heating fire or other sources of heat: CHF 2000
    • Cover against electrical damage: CHF 2000
    • Cover against loss or damage due to a power outage, e.g. thawed frozen food: CHF 2000
    • Cover against simple theft away from home: CHF 1000 standard sum (can be excluded or increased on request)

The deductible for natural hazard claims is CHF 500, and CHF 300 for any other claims.

  • Apart from items that are no longer in use, all household contents (including bicycles and skis) are insured at their original value.
  • Internet discount of 20 per cent
  • Contents insurance includes a 24-hour emergency service (up to CHF 1000), a blocking service for customer cards, bank cards, credit cards, etc., and compensation in the event of card fraud (up to CHF 5000 per card or a maximum of CHF 10,000 per incident) and mobile phone misuse (up to CHF 300).
  • The concept of underinsurance applies from an amount of loss of 10 per cent of the insured sum or starting from CHF 20,000.

Additional cover options
  • Luggage
  • Purchase protection
  • Emergency home assistance
  • Damage to shower trays and bath tubs (selectable sum insured)

  • Personal liability insurance

      Conditions applying to third-party vehicles
      Basic insurance covers:

      • loss of liability insurance bonus for motor vehicles up to a total weight of 3500 kg and trailers registered in Switzerland (or the Principality of Liechtenstein)
      • collision damage to the policyholder’s vehicle/trailer: cost of repair covered up to CHF 100,000 max. (deductible 10%, min. CHF 500 and max. CHF 5000). In the case of full casco insurance, the deductible cover and bonus loss cover are included
      • third-party damage that is not covered under vehicle liability insurance (insurance cover applies to vehicles with a Swiss or Liechtenstein number plate)
      • for vehicles rented in a European country: the difference between locally required and additionally provided liability cover and the legal minimum cover in Switzerland

      Conditions applying to property
      • The insurance covers the policyholder’s liability as an owner of a self-occupied, predominantly residential single-family house, multi-family house containing up to three apartments, single-family holiday house and/or mobile home in a permanent location
      • This insurance only applies in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein
      • Undeveloped properties of up to 10,000 m2 are likewise insured
      • Liability as an owner of a condominium is excluded

      Cover of children
      Children are covered under the multiperson insurance provided that they live in the same household as the policyholder, are under-age or unmarried and without a gainful activity.

      • Tenancy claims, damage to property in care, and other property damage: CHF 500 per event or at hand-over of apartment.

      Extent of cover
      • Damage caused by children or household members incapable of judgement (excluding legal liability) CHF 200,000
      • Damage caused by animals (excluding legal liability) CHF 2000
      • Property damage caused during sports activities and games (excluding legal liability)
        CHF 2000
      • Building contractor's liability for renovations up to a construction sum
        of CHF 100,000
      • Cover includes self-employed secondary gainful activities, provided the gross annual income does not exceed CHF 10,000

      • Internet discount of 20%
      • The multiperson insurance covers all persons living in the same household as the policyholder
      • Cover for collision damage caused with third-party vehicles can be bought extra

      Additional cover options
      • Waiver of recourse in case of gross negligence
      • ‘Hole-in-one’ for golfers

  • Customer satisfaction with ELVIA

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    Information about the insurance company

    Allianz Suisse Versicherungs-Gesellschaft AG
    Head office