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Below you can find information on the home contents and personal liability insurance offered by Generali. It is divided into product characteristics, information about the insurance company, customer satisfaction and forum posts.

Products from Generali

  • CASA Compact (Contents insurance)

    Coverage also includes scorching as well as damage caused by a crash or forced landing of an aircraft or spacecraft or falling parts thereof.

    Coverage also includes frost damage to water pipes inside the building that were installed by the tenant as well as to connected devices.

    Glass breakage
    Coverage includes breakage of glass or glass substitutes of up to CHF 3,000 for
    • furniture glass,
    • building glass, including damage to sanitary equipment (washbasins, sinks, toilets (incl. cisterns), bidets), rooflight domes and solar collectors.

    Limitation of benefits
    • Coverage of expenses (changing door locks, emergency exits, hotel bills, etc.): up to 5 percent of the home contents insurance sum, at least CHF 5,000, at most CHF 10,000. No coverage is provided for simple theft or damaged luggage.
    • Coverage for cash value (excluding simple theft): up to CHF 2,000.
    • Coverage for jewellery and watches: up to CHF 5,000.
    • Coverage for entrusted items and guests' belongings (excluding cash values and only at place of residence): CHF 3,000.
    • Coverage in case of scorching: CHF 3,000.
    • Coverage for professional utensils: CHF 5,000.
    • Coverage for damage away from home (due to fire, burglary, robbery and water): up to 5 percent of the insurance sum, at least CHF 5,000, at most CHF 10,000.
    • Every individual item is covered up to the following maximum amount, depending on the selected standard of furnishing: CHF 5,000 (simple furnishing), CHF 10,000 (average), CHF 15,000 (luxurious).

    The deductible for natural hazard claims is CHF 500, for all other claims CHF 200.

    Special information
    • Apart from motorbikes and items that are no longer used, all home contents are covered at original value.
    • The sum insured for home contents is calculated separately on the basis of square metres and standard of furnishing. If this information is stated correctly, no underinsurance will be asserted, even if the insurance sum stated in the policy is lower than the actual value of the household contents.

    Additional endorsements
    • Bicycle (including repair or replacement as well as help in case of an accident and legal protection up to CHF 2,000)
    • Luggage (only if simple theft away from home is insured, maximum coverage available CHF 6,000)

  • CASA Compact (Personal liability insurance)

      What applies to motor vehicles owned by others?
      Basic insurance: only claims towards the insured person are insured as passengers or legally stipulated supervisor of a driving learner . Covered are:
      • bonus loss of third party insurances for cars up to at most double of the annual premium.
      Supplementary insurance: insured are claims as the driver of occasionally, not regularly borrowed vehicles:
      • Bonus loss of third party insurances for cars up to at most double of the annual premium.
      • If hull insurance exists, retention and bonus loss in the case of collision damage to the used vehicle are covered.

      What applies to property?
      • Insured are: liability as owner of self-used property with at most three flats (in Switzerland and Liechtenstein), as landlord of at most three rooms or two flats of a house and a holiday house for one family.
      • Liability for undeveloped property (land) with no purpose of own gain is also co-insured.
      • Tenants or owners of a one-family holiday house or holiday flat or an unclaimed caravan with a fixed location.
      • In the case of condominium ownership the part that exceeds the guarantee sum of the liability insurance taken out by the community is insured.
      • Building owner liability up to a rebuilding sum of CHF 100,000.-.

      Coverage of children
      • The individual insurance is extended to underage children who are temporarily staying at the insurance holder.
      • With family insurance, children (including stepchildren and foster children) are insured up to 25 years of age (if they are not living in the same household they are only insured if they have no income). Mature children who move out of the household of the insurance holder continue to be insured during 6 months.

      • Damage to property in care and other damage to property: CHF 200.-
      • Damage by tenants: CHF 200.-
      • Damage to motor vehicles belonging to others: 10%, at least CHF 1,000.-.

      • Self-employed secondary occupations are only covered if the annual gross income does not exceed CHF 6,000.-.

      Further coverage possibilities
    • Waiver of recourse in the case of gross negligence.

Customer satisfaction with Generali

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