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Below you can find information on the home contents and personal liability insurance offered by Helvetia. It is divided into product characteristics, information about the insurance company, customer satisfaction and forum posts.

Products from Helvetia

  • Youth insurance (Contents insurance)

    Coverage is provided for damage to household goods due to scorching caused by useful fire or other sources of heat for up to CHF 5,000.-. Damages due to crashing aeroplanes and space vessels are included as well.

    Additionally covered are damages caused by heating and tank systems (excption: if they are caused by revision works or filling), heat exchangers, all kinds of warmth-producing circulation systems and frost damage to self-installed pipes.
    Water damages due to open windows, doors, etc. are excluded.

    Benefit limitations
    • Jewellery is generally covered up to CHF 5,000.-.
    • Coverage for monetary values is up to CHF 5,000.-. No coverage provided for simple theft.
    • Coverage for professional items is CHF 5,000.-.
    • Highest insurable coverage for damages of glass is CHF 1,000.-.
    • Highest coverage of guests' belongings and entrusted household contents is CHF 5,000.-.
    • Highest coverage for costs (e.g. emergency door, hotel expenses, etc.) is CHF 5,000.-.

    Is generally CHF 200.- (for acts of God CHF 500.-).

    Also covered are malicious damages in the case of burglary or robbery, even if nothing was stolen.

    Glass breakage
    Insurable are damages to furniture glass, windows, wash basins, etc. up to CHF 1,000.-. Also covered are damages caused by glass fragments of the insured glass items to the building or household contents.
    Damages caused during the installation of or work on glass objects are excluded.

    • Damages to household items during a move of house.
    • Product especially for young persons and young adults under the age of 25 who are living alone. The insurance has to be changed at the age of 28.

  • Youth insurance (Personal liability insurance)

      Conditions for driving motor vehicles other than your own
      Basic insurance covers:
      • Loss of liability insurance bonus for motor vehicles of up to 3500 kilogrammes total weight registered in Switzerland, in the Principality of Liechtenstein and EU/EFTA countries.
      Supplementary insurance covers:
      • Damages on the vehicle following an accident (including towing costs). However, if they are covered by a comprehensive insurance only the retention and the loss of bonus are remunerated.
      • Renouncement of the statutory right of recourse in case of grossly negligent causing of damage.

      The coverage applies to passenger vehicles, delivery vans and other motor vehicles and motor bikes.

      What about real estate?
      • Liability damage to property as owner of self-inhabited buildings containing a maximum of 3 apartments, a holiday home and an unregistered mobile home with a fixed site is covered.
      • Liability damage to property as floor owner is covered as a supplement to an existing building private liability insurance from the owner committee.

      • Damage to motor vehicles other than your own: CHF 500.00
      • Damage to rented holiday homes, apartments used for holidays, work or education purpose as well as hotel rooms and unregistered mobile homes with a fixed site: CHF 100.00
      • All other damages: no retention

      Coverage limitations
      • Damage resulting from a second or part-time job are only covered if the income does not exceed CHF 20,000.00 per year.
      • Damages caused by persons exercising during sporting activities or matches are covered up to CHF 500.00 also without legal liability.
      • Damage to property caused by pets is covered, also without legal liability up to CHF 500.00.

      • Liability in case of environmental damage to insured objects is covered, provided that they follow a singular, sudden and unforeseen event that requires immediate measures.
      • Youth product, only available for persons younger than 25 who live in a single-person household.

Customer satisfaction with Helvetia

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Information about the insurance company

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