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  • smile.home (Contents insurance)

    Damage due to scorching and damage to household contents are also covered if caused by exposure to heat or useful fire. Damage caused by crashed aircraft and spacecraft is also covered.

    Water damage
    Frost damage to self-installed pipes is also covered (as tenant).

    Malicious damage by third parties inside the apartment is also covered without theft, if the perpetrator gained unauthorised entry to the building. Selectable is the coverage of simple theft away from home including pickpocketing and theft by trickery.

    Glass breakage
    Glass breakage is generally covered without a limit of sum.
    • Furniture glass: covers damage to furniture glass (glass and glass-like materials), artifical or natural tabletops as well as stone covering for kitchen and bathroom.
    • Building glass: covers damage to glass belonging to building and ceramic cooking surfaces.
    • Sinks: covers damage to sinks, toilets, bidets as well as installation and fitting costs, matching accessories and fittings.

    Benefit limitations
    • Maximum coverage of jewellery in case of loss by petty theft and burglary, provided the jewellery was not kept in a safe: CHF 20,000.- (additional option up to CHF 99,000.- available).
    • Maximum coverage for monetary value: CHF 5,000.- (excluding simple theft).
    • Maximum coverage for household contents away from home (excluding simple theft): CHF 20,000.- (additional option up to CHF 99,000.- available). Amount insured in case of simple theft according to the policy.
    • Maximum coverage in case of scorching or damage to household contents caused by involuntary exposure to useful fire: CHF 2,000.-.
    • Waiver of underinsurance check in case of partial damage.
    • Maximum coverage of costs (e.g. emergency doors, hotel expenses, etc.) CHF 5,000.- (additional option up to CHF 99,000.- available).
    • Max. coverage for guests' belongings (excluding cash values) and professional tools CHF 5,000.- (increase of up to CHF 20,000.- available).
    • Spoiled deep frozen goods are insured to a maximum of CHF 2,000.- (increase of up to CHF 10,000.- available.)

    Retention in the case of damage due to acts of God is CHF 500.-. In the case of theft damage selectable between CHF 200.- and CHF 1,000.-. In the case of all other damages CHF 0.-.

    • The premiums are reduced up to a maximum of 80% of the basic premium per claim-free year. Bonus protection is also included in the coverage without extra premium.
    • Underinsurance is not asserted in the case of partial damage.
    • The insurance policy can be extended up to three places of insurance.
    • Household contents are also covered outside the house if they are placed in hobby rooms, garages and similar places within the same political municipality.
    • All contracts are 1-year contracts with a termination period of 1 month.

  • smile.home (Personal liability insurance)

      Conditions for driving motor vehicles other than your own
      Basic insurance covers:
      • Loss of liability insurance bonus and if applicable, retention for motor vehicles acquired in Switzerland up to 3500 kilogrammes total weight including trailers.

      Supplementary insurance covers:
      If the vehicle concerned has comprehensive cover:
      • Retention for comprehensive cover
      • Loss of bonus for comprehensive cover

      If the vehicle is not protected by comprehensive cover:
      • costs for repair
      • costs for towing the vehicle to the next garage
      • stationary charges up to CHF 500.-
      • if applicable, customs duty or transportation back to Switzerland for up to CHF 1,000.- if the vehicle is not able to be repaired within the next 5 days.
      • Retention: 10% of damage per event, CHF 500.- minimum.

      What about real estate
      • Liability damage to property as owner of self-inhabited buildings (without commercially used rooms) containing a maximum of 3 apartments (including holiday homes, mobile homes or unregistered caravans with a fixed site)is covered.
      • Liability damage to property as floor owner is covered as a supplement to existing building private liability insurance from the owner committee.
      • You are also insured as owner, tenant or leaseholder of undeveloped land with an area of up to 1000 m2 and as developer of alterations and extensions up to a total building amount of CHF 100,000.-.
      • Damage due to tank installations are also covered.

      Coverage for children
      Children (also adoptive, step, grand and foster children) are included in the family insurance, if they are under age, if they are adults but live in the same household or weekly residents who return to the home regularly. They are also covered until the age of 25, if they are not in gainful employment, in apprenticeship or working students.

      • For tenant damage a flat rate of CHF 300.- per move.
      • For damage to property in care, custody or control CHF 200.- per incident.
      • Damage to others' motor vehicles: 10% of the damage, however, at least CHF 500.-.
      • Damage to rented horses: 10% of the damage, however, at least CHF 300.-.
      • For all other types of damage, the retention agreed on in the policy applies (CHF 0.- to 500.-).

      Coverage limitations
      • Material damage caused during sports and games activities is limited to CHF 1,000.-.

      • The coverage of the family insurance includes the parents of the policyholder or those of his/her partner, provided they live in the same household.
      • Self-employed persons (up to CHF 12,000 gross annual revenue) are automatically included in the coverage with the exercise of this professional activity.
      • The tenants‘ damage coverage also includes damages to hotel rooms, holiday homes and similar.
      • All contracts are 1-year contracts with a termination period of 1 month.

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