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Below you can find information on the home contents and personal liability insurance offered by Visana. It is divided into product characteristics, information about the insurance company, customer satisfaction and forum posts.

Products from Visana

  • Directa (Contents insurance)

    Household damage due to electrical power outage is also covered.

    Water damage
    Damage due to oil leakage from heating systems and frost damage to self-installed pipelines are insured additionally.

    The "petty theft abroad" insurance also includes luggage. However, bicycles, prams and sporting equipment are only insured during transport by a designated transport company.

    Glass breakage
    Glass belonging to buildings includes damage to ceramic stove tops (with or without induction), sun collectors and stone coverings.

    Extent of coverage
    • Max. coverage of jewellery stolen in petty theft or burglary, if not kept walled in or in a safe weighing at least 100 kg: CHF 20,000.
      For jewellery, coverage is limited to CHF 10,000 for theft abroad.
    • Max. coverage of monetary value: CHF 3,000. No coverage for petty theft.
    • Max. coverage for household contents away from home (not including simple theft): CHF 20,000.
    • Max. coverage for expenses (e.g. notaries, emergency glazing, hotel costs, recovery of identity cards etc.): CHF 5,000.
    • Max. coverage for guest contents for petty theft: CHF 3,000.
    • Max. coverage for damage to sun collectors: CHF 2,000.
    • Max. coverage for scorching: CHF 5,000.
    • Petty theft abroad is covered according to the amount specified in the insurance policy.

    More additional insurance
    In addition to petty theft abroad, theft of motorcycles can be insured against.

    The retention is CHF 500 per claim for natural hazards and CHF 200 for theft. In other cases, no retention is deducted.

    10% discount for people who have their health insurance with Visana.
    Fire/natural hazards, theft, water damage and breakage of glass can be separately insured.
    In the event of a claim, Visana abstains from calculating an underinsurance.

  • Directa (Personal liability insurance)

      Conditions for driving motor vehicles other than your own
      Basic insurance coverage:
      • Loss of bonus for liability insurance for vehicles registered in Switzerland with a total weight of up to 3,500 kg.

      Supplementary insurance coverage (CHF 70.-):
      If the affected vehicle has a collision or comprehensive insurance:
      • Retention for collision/comprehensive insurance
      • loss of bonus for collision/comprehensive insurance

      If the affected vehicle does not have comprehensive insurance:
      • Repair costs

      The guarantee amount is max. CHF 5,000,000.- per event.
      The retention is CHF 500.-.

      What about real estate?
      • Liability damage in the capacity as owner of self-inhabited property without offices with at most 3 apartments (including holiday flats, mobile homes or non-matriculated caravans at a permanent location)are included in the insurance coverage.
      • Liability damage in the capacity as floor owner is included in the collective ownership's property liability insurance.
      • You are also insured as owner, tenant or leaseholder of undeveloped land (e.g. allotments) of up to 1000 m2.
      • Loss prevention costs due to danger of pollution caused by damage to petrol stations are also insured.

      Coverage for children
      Family insurance includes all children, provided they are single, live in the family household and are not in employment.

      • For damage to property in rent: CHF 100.- per claim.
      • For damage to property in care: CHF 200.- per claim.
      • Damage to third-party vehicles: CHF 500.- (only applies to claims covered by supplementary insurance).
      • Damage to rented horses: 10% of claim, at least CHF 200.
      • Otherwise, no retention is deducted.

      Coverage limitations
      • Damage caused by injudicious children and fellow tenants are limited to CHF 200,000.
      • For damage for which one immature person is accountable, third party's right of recourse agreement is limited to CHF 30,000.
      • Owner's and contractor's protective liability is covered up to an contract price of CHF 100,000.

      Supplementary insurance is available for horse rental and hunters.

Customer satisfaction with Visana

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