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Below you can find information on the home contents and personal liability insurance offered by Visana. It is divided into product characteristics, information about the insurance company, customer satisfaction and forum posts.

Products from Visana

  • Directa (Contents insurance)

    Cover also includes damage from scorching and damage to items exposed to cooking or heating fire up to a maximum of CHF 5,000. Loss or damage caused by meteorites or a crash landing of an aircraft or spacecraft is also included in the cover.

    Cover includes damage to home contents caused by:
    • water leaking from pipes, installations and connected appliances that serve the building at the insured address
    • water leaking from fish tanks, ornamental fountains, waterbeds and air humidifiers
    • rain, snowmelt and glacial meltwater
    • groundwater, surface runoff or backwater from the drainage system

    Burglary, robbery and simple theft at home. Travel luggage can also be covered if “simple theft away from home” insurance is taken out.

    Glass breakage

    Furniture glass (optional lump-sum cover), broken glass panes, acrylic glass or glass-like materials on movable items in inhabited living quarters.

    Building glass (optional lump-sum cover), broken glass panes, acrylic glass or glass-like materials that are firmly attached to the building. This includes ceramic hobs, kitchen worktops, bathroom panels, fireplace surrounds, sinks, wash basins, bath tubs and dome lights.

    Damage to building glass caused by vandalism by third parties or civil unrest is also covered.

    Extent of cover

    • Cover for monetary values (excluding simple theft): up to CHF 5,000
    • Cover for jewellery in case of simple theft at home and burglary: up to CHF 30,000
    • Cover for expenses for changing locks, emergency repair of broken glass, emergency doors, clearing and disposal, replacement of documents such as ID cards, passports, credit cards: up to 20 per cent of the sum insured under contents insurance, at least CHF 10,000
    • Damage to frozen food due to an accidental thawing of the freezer is covered.
    • Simple theft away from home is covered according to the amount specified in the insurance policy. E-bikes with pedal assist up to 25 km/h are also covered.

    Additional supplementary cover
    • Additional cover is available against theft of e-bikes with pedal assist over 25 km/h.
    • Household cover for damage of any kind.

    The deductible for natural hazard claims is CHF 500. For theft claims it is CHF 200 per incident. Otherwise, no deductible is applied.

    10% discount for Visana health insurance customers. Contents insurance automatically includes 24-hour emergency service for incidents such as lost house keys, break-down of heating or air conditioning systems etc., lost traveller’s cheques, cash, debit cards, Swiss Post cards and credit cards, for pest control, the removal of wasps', hornets' and bees' nests, data recovery, etc.

  • Directa (Personal liability insurance)

      Conditions applying to third-party vehicles
      Basic insurance covers:
      • loss of liability insurance bonus for motor vehicles up to a total weight of 3500 kg registered in Switzerland

      Supplemental insurance covers (CHF 50):
      If the vehicle in question has collision or comprehensive coverage:
      • deductible of the collision/comprehensive insurance
      • loss of bonus of the collision/comprehensive insurance

      If the vehicle in question has no comprehensive coverage:
      • cost of repair

      The guaranteed amount per incident is CHF 5,000,000 max. and the deductible CHF 500. “Occasional use” is defined as a maximum of 24 days per calendar year.

      Conditions applying to property
      • The insurance covers the policyholder's liability as a tenant of self-occupied residential buildings, living quarters and communal areas.
      • It also covers liability as a renter of hotel rooms, holiday apartments/houses, mobile homes or unregistered caravans in a permanent location.
      • The insurance covers the policyholder’s legal liability as an owner of self-occupied, predominantly residential single-family houses, multi-family houses containing up to three apartments, and owner-occupied apartments.
      • Liability claims resulting from condominium ownership are also covered as a complement to the homeowner association's existing property liability insurance.
      • Liability for owners of undeveloped land (e.g. allotments) without size restrictions is also covered.

      Coverage for children
      • Individual insurance also includes minor children staying with the policyholder on a temporary basis.
      • In the case of family insurance, coverage includes children (including adopted children, stepchildren and foster children), provided they are not gainfully employed and either live permanently in the same household as the policyholder or return there regularly as a weekly resident. Apprenticeships and part-time student jobs are not considered gainful employment.

      • No deductible in general for basic coverage
      • Damage caused by tenants and damage to property in care, custody or control: CHF 200 per claim
      • Damage to third-party motor vehicles: CHF 500 (only applies to claims paid by supplemental insurance)
      • Damage to rented horses: 10% of the claim but a minimum of CHF 200
      • For miscellaneous other supplemental insurance plans e.g. for hunting in Switzerland or owning and using model aircraft, there is a deductible of CHF 200. However, this only applies to property damage.

      Extent of cover
      • Cover with no legal liability is provided up to CHF 2,000 per incident in defined cases.
      • Principal's liability is included up to a construction sum of CHF 100,000.

      Coverage includes various self-employed secondary occupations, provided the gross annual income does not exceed CHF 20,000.

Customer satisfaction with Visana

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Information about the insurance company

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