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Below you can find information on the home contents and personal liability insurance offered by CSS Insurance. It is divided into product characteristics, information about the insurance company, customer satisfaction and forum posts.

Products from CSS Insurance

  • Contents insurance

    Coverage also includes scorching as well as damage incidentally caused by cooking or heating fire or other sources of heat up to CHF 5,000.

    Coverage also includes damage caused by oil leaking from heating systems or fuel tanks as well as damage caused by liquids from alternative heat recovery plants.
    Not included is damage caused by rain water or melt water that seeped in through open windows, doors, skylights or work-related openings in the roof.

    Glass breakage
    Coverage includes breakage of building glass and furniture glass or breakage of chattels made of glass-like synthetic materials (including glass ceramic stove tops) as well as washbasins, toilets, bidets, tables and kitchen coverage made of stone in rooms used solely by the policyholder and people living in the same household.

    Limitation of benefits
    • Maximum coverage for jewellery in case of simple theft at the place of insurance or burglary if stolen items were not locked inside a safe of at least 100 kg or a wall safe: 20% of the insured sum up to CHF 20,000.
    • Coverage for cash value: up to CHF 5,000 (no coverage in case of simple theft).
    • Coverage for household contents away from home (excluding simple theft): up to CHF 10,000.
    • Coverage for guests' belongings (excluding cash values): up to CHF 5,000.
    • Coverage for professional tools and utensils: up to CHF 5,000.
    • Coverage of expenses (e.g. emergency doors, provisional repair of broken glass, hotel expenses, removal and disposal costs, charges for blocking and replacing documents such as IDs, passports, credit cards, etc.): CHF 10,000.
    • Coverage of scorching as well as damage incidentally caused by cooking or heating fire or other sources of heat: up to CHF 5,000.

    The deductible is generally CHF 200 and in case of natural hazards CHF 500.

    Special information
    • CSS grants all its customers a 10% discount.
    • CSS grants a 10% discount to customers that are still under the age of 26 at contract conclusion.
    • CSS grants a no-claims bonus of 10% after 3 consecutive claim-free years of insurance, in which it was not required to pay any benefits, up to a maximum of 30% after 8 consecutive claim-free years. This bonus is also granted to customers that were given a corresponding no-claims bonus by their previous insurer. For this, a written confirmation from the previous insurer is required.

    Additional endorsements
    • Simple theft away from home
    • Furniture glass and building glass

  • Personal liability insurance

      Conditions applying to real estate
      • Coverage includes third party liability for owners of owner-occupied buildings (with up to 3 flats) and for owners of single-family holiday homes.
      • Liability claims resulting from your capacity as owner of a condominium are also covered, complementing any existing homeowners' liability insurance from the homeowners association.

      The deductible is generally CHF 200.

      Limited benefits
      Coverage for damage caused by children and other household members incapable of judgement is limited to CHF 200,000.

      Special information
      CSS grants all its customers a 10% discount.

      Conditions for driving someone else's vehicle
      Coverage includes cars, motorbikes and delivery vans up to 3.5t. Damage is only covered if it occurs within Switzerland (including the Principality of Liechtenstein, Büsingen and Campione).

Customer satisfaction with CSS Insurance

5.0 Competence and commitment of employees

4.9 Comprehensibility and clarity of customer information

5.0 Insurer's availability

4.7 Satisfaction with amount of premium

5.0 Handling of claims

4.9 Overall rating

Information about the insurance company

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