Questions on car insurance

  • Why do I need a user name and password?

    If you log in with a user name and password, you can start up your own personal folder, where you can save all your comparisons and other services. Your given information will be saved and only you will have access to it at any time.

  • Why can't I find my car?

    • In the Comparis database you will find Eurotax data for personal vehicles, however, not for delivery trucks, trailers, small busses etc. Online calculations are only possible for personal vehicles.

    • The date of 1st matriculation already sorts out the models that do not match this data. It is therefore possible that you might not be able to find your car, if the date of 1st matriculation does not match official data.
  • Raised premiums: Until when can I terminate my insurance?

    You may terminate insurance for the end of the insurance year. Notification of your termination must be received by the last day of the insurance year.

    Insurers must inform their customers of premium changes at least 25 days in advance.

  • Premium Refunds: Do I get a refund if I terminate my contract?

    This is usually the case. However, refunds are not applicable if you terminate after total loss occurs or if your contract is less than one year old.

  • Why is the offered premium different from the one stated in the comparison? calculates the premiums directly on the online calculators of the insurance companies with the data given by you.

    Differences of online premiums to existing or offered premiums can be created by different:

    • Products
    • Channels of distribution
    • Premium calculators


    Products offered via the Internet are aimed at prospects whose requirements are met by standard solutions. This is the reason why e.g. very expensive cars or guiders with many claims cannot be served with Internet products as here individual solutions are in demand.

    Channels of distribution: Internet products do not require personal counsel as all information is offered online. Products that are e.g. offered with personal counsel via sales forces are accordingly more cost-intensive and therefore in general more expensive.

    Premium calculators: At most companies the Internet products are calculated on a separate premiums calculator. Some companies establish obliging offers on another calculator which is the reason why premium differences can occur.

  • Premature Termination: When may I terminate long-term insurance before the contract is up?

    • If premiums are raised (and in some cases reduced),
    • after damage has occurred,
    • if you change cars,
    • your car's owner changes,
    • or if you give up driving completely.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: When should I buy it?

    Greater damage to your car (especially total loss) will cause signficantly higher costs if it is relatively new. This is why it is generally recommended to buy comprehensive insurance with additional current value coverage for the first 3-4 years at least.

    Afterwards, it might be worth comparing compensation (in case of total loss) and possible costs for repair.

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