Save money by paying your premiums in advance

| By Felix Schneuwly |
Source: iStock / Geber86

There are several ways to pay the premiums for your basic insurance. Most people pay monthly. Some insurance providers also allow you to pay a year or six months in advance. It is well worth considering.

Many insurance companies offer premium reductions for particular payment plans. Policyholders choosing to pay biannually or annually are rewarded with a discount. This is because paying in advance reduces the administrative overhead for the insurer. Some insurance companies pass on the amount they save in this way directly to their customers in the form of a discount. This allows policyholders to save money.

For example, some health insurers offer a 1% discount to those paying a year in advance, and a 0.5% discount to those paying biannually. Some companies even offer discounts twice as high as this. Depending on your premium, this can definitely be worth the effort.

Discounts offered by the major health insurers

Group / health insurer Biannually in % Annually in %
CSS Group (CSS, Arcosana, Intras, Sanagate) 0 0.25
Groupe Mutuel (Avenir, Easy Sana, Mutuel, Philos) 0 0
Helsana Group (Helsana, Progrès) 0.5 1
Swica, Provita 0 0.5
Assura 1 2
Visana Group (Visana, Sana24, Vivacare) 1 2
Concordia 0 0
Sanitas, Compact 0.5 1
KPT 0.5 1
EGK 0.5 1
Atupri 1 2
ÖKK, Krankenkasse Flaachtal 0.5 1
Sympany (Vivao, Moove, Kolping) 1 2
Agrisano 0.5 1
Supra (also Groupe Mutuel) 1 2
Aquilana 0.5 1
Sodalis 1 2
Krankenkasse Luzerner Hinterland 0 0
Sumiswalder Krankenkasse 0 1
Krankenkasse Birchmeier 1 2

When can I change my payment frequency?

If you want to switch from a monthly to an annual payment plan, you can do this as of 1 January. If you are switching to biannual payment you can do this as of 1 January or 1 July. Just contact your insurer's customer service centre and ask them to send you the premium bill every six months or every year in advance.

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