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Below you can find information on the car insurance offered by Allianz Suisse. It is divided into product characteristics, information about the insurance company, customer satisfaction and forum posts.

Products from Allianz Suisse


Liability insurance
Insurance against liability claims resulting from the provisions of the road traffic laws.

Liability insurance supplements
Bonus protection for one claim per year.

Comprehensive insurance
If the replacement value supplement is included in the policy, compensation in the event of a total loss is average compared to other insurance products. Compensations are made under the replacement value supplement even after the 10th year of operation. The maximum compensation is 1.5 times the current value.

Partial casco
Includes damage due to theft, fire, natural hazards, glass breakage (deductible of CHF 200 for the replacement of windows), collision with animals, martens, vandalism (as stipulated in the terms and conditions), damage to personal effects, assistance for accident victims.

Collision casco
Covers the same kinds of damage as partial casco plus collision damage.

Comprehensive insurance supplements

  • Coverage for damage while parked with no limitation of benefits; includes scratched paintwork; deductible CHF 300
  • Replacement car
  • Personal items up to CHF 2000 included
  • Bonus protection for one claim per year

Occupants insurance
Covers lump sum death and disability benefits and, as a supplement, per diem allowances and treatment costs.


  • Breakdown Assistance for all of Europe included at no extra premium
  • Waiver of subrogation and reduction of benefits in case of gross negligence can be bought
  • Special discount for customers who commit to only repairing their vehicle at one of the insurer's contract garages


Information about the insurance company

Insurance carrier
Allianz Suisse Insurance Company Ltd
Head office

Customer satisfaction with Allianz Suisse

5.4 Competence and commitment of employees
5.1 Comprehensibility and clarity of customer information
5.4 Insurer's availability
4.7 Satisfaction with amount of premium
5.4 Handling of claims
5.2 Overall judgement

Experiences and questions regarding Allianz Suisse in our forum

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