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Health insurance premium comparison 2021

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The health insurance system in Switzerland

The health insurance system in Switzerland comprises mandatory basic health insurance and a wide range of supplemental insurance products. Find the deal that works for you at

Basic health insurance
Basic health insurance is compulsory for anyone residing in Switzerland. Basic insurance cover is precisely defined in the Health Insurance Act (KVG) and is the same irrespective of health insurer. Health insurance providers are obliged to accept every applicant for basic insurance.

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Supplemental health insurance
Unlike with basic insurance, supplemental insurance cover varies from insurer to insurer. So it's well worth comparing. With supplemental insurance, insurers are free to set the premiums according to risk, i.e. depending on age and gender. They may also impose provisos or turn down applicants without giving a reason.

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Health insurance for newcomers

Basic health insurance is compulsory for anyone residing in Switzerland. After moving here, you have three months in which to take out mandatory health insurance. Learn more about the process here, and find the health insurer that’s right for you.
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Insurance for families

It's worth applying for insurance before your baby is born, as most supplemental insurance policies can be taken out for babies without a health check. After the baby is born, you have three months in which to find a health insurer. Organising these administrative matters in advance means you will have more time to enjoy your baby after the birth. You can also rest assured that cover is in place if your child is born with a medical condition.

Insurance model check

Which model is suitable for you? What is more important – keeping premiums low or ensuring good cover for potentially high medical costs? Do you want to be able to choose your doctor in each case or do you prefer to go straight to your GP or family doctor? We are happy to provide the information you need to help you in your search.

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Health insurance models

In basic health insurance, policyholders can choose from a range of models: standard, HMO, Telmed or family doctor. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of these health insurance models.

Basic insurance benefits

All health insurance companies provide the same cover because they are required to do so by law. Find out whether this is sufficient for your needs or whether you require supplemental insurance as well. Overview of benefits

The right way to switch basic insurance

In Switzerland, you can switch to a different health insurance deal once you have cancelled your existing policy. You can cancel basic insurance every year by the end of November. Learn more

Cancellation service

Find out about cancellation notice periods and use our letter template to cancel your health insurance.

Ways to save on basic insurance

Health insurance companies provide the same cover because they are required to do so by law. However, you can still save money by opting for one of the alternative models on offer. Identify potential savings

What is a deductible ("franchise")?

Many healthy policyholders aren't brave enough to choose the highest deductible of 2,500 francs. But even if you need to see a doctor now and then, this high deductible is still a financially viable option. Find out more about the deductible

Best health insurers in Switzerland

Does your health insurer skimp on service? How satisfied are other policyholders with the service provided by their health insurer? Compare customer satisfaction ratings now. Find the best health insurer

Tips and information on accident cover

If you add accident cover to your compulsory basic health insurance, your treatment costs are covered in the event of accident as well as illness. Learn more

Health insurance for babies

You can take out health insurance for your baby before the birth. Find out more about applying for insurance before birth.

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