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Age group

Premium calculation is based on a deductible rate of CHF 300 (deductible rate of CHF 0 in case of children) with inclusion of accidents. When selecting a canton, premium region 1 will be displayed. Not all insurances are on offer in every canton. Where a specific insurance is not available, the premium development view will remain empty.

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05/09/2012 from IMO IMO

Not Happy with Assura

I have Semi-privat insurance policy with Assura which is not cheap. I had need to go into hospital and my hospital doctor recommended in patient treatment as a pre-requisite for intensive therapy to aid recovery. After several telephones calls back and forth with my doctor and Assura's doctor (who More



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26/10/2010 from sundancer78

Maternity cover with Assura

I have Complementa Plus and Optima in addition to the base insurance with Assura. What does this cover in terms of maternity hospital stay and delivery of the baby by gynocologist? It's not 100% clear for me in their policy as a lot of detail is missing... More



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28/04/2010 from Ulys

Terminate my health insurance

Hi I moved to Switzerland less than 2 months ago and was supposed to stay here until the end of the year. But for professional reason, it seems that I will be leaving next month. I did sent a signed contract to Assura a couple of weeks ago but I haven't received any reply from them. Is there a way More



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28/01/2010 from Christine

Assura company

Hi, I am currently living in Geneva, switzerland. I have change my health insurance to Assura start Jan this year by looking at comparis website. But Assura still didnt send me any insurance card and also the insurance policy . They just send me the orange pay slip to ask me to pay for first 3 month. More



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24/04/2007 from jamsinswitzerland

Payer la pharmacie soit-même.

Au vue des hautes augmentations de primes depuis des années, je me suis assuré auprès de Assura pour diminuer, ... enfin, mes primes d'assurance maladie. En fait, Assura nous prends pour les dindons de la farce. Tout d'abord, elle invente une nouvelle règle qui n'existe que chez elle, renvoyer More



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Customer satisfaction with Assura

Competence and helpfulness of employees
Statements (clarity, prompt payment, goodwill etc.)
Clarity and comprehensibility of customer information
In 2017, conducted a representative survey on customer satisfaction with the Swiss health insurance companies in collaboration with the market research institution, GfK. A total of more than 2400 persons from all linguistic regions of Switzerland were surveyed. They rated the competence and commitment of the insurance employees, their satisfaction with the invoicing process, and the comprehensibility of customer information.
  • Mark 6.0 – 5.5: excellent
  • Mark 5.4 – 5.0: good
  • Mark 4.9 – 4.5: satisfactory
  • Mark 4.4 – 4.0: adequate
  • Mark 3.9 – 1.0: inadequate
All answers from one respondent about a provider are taken to calculate the total rating from the same respondent. A provider's final rating corresponds to the rounded mean value of all these total ratings. The final ratings as given by are based on the Swiss school grading system.

Assura - efficiency of administration

Administrative costs
6.8% of premiums

Collection of data 11/2017

When is a health insurance company efficient?
Health insurance companies are considered efficient
if their administrative costs are less than 4.2% of premiums.

Assura – company details

Reserves of the health insurer Assura
Number of policyholders
More information
Number of policyholders
Average number of policyholders in the previous year (basic insurance only).
696,292 922,902
Reserves in millions of CHF
More information
Reserves in millions of CHF
Including reserves for optional daily benefits insurance.
826.1 757.8
Minimum reserves in millions of CHF
More information
Minimum reserves in millions of CHF
Since 2012, the minimum amount of reserves has been determined based on a model that takes the insurance companies' individual risks into account (Health Insurance Act (KVG) solvency test, cf. Art. 78ff Health Insurance Ordinance (KVV)). Insurance companies whose reserves are below the minimum amount (solvency ratio < 100%) are subject to the old reserve requirements until 2016.
225.6 491.8
Solvency ratio
More information
Solvency ratio
The solvency ratio indicates the ratio between the existing reserves and the minimum amount.
154.0% displays the supervision data published by the FOPH. does not guarantee the accuracy of the data. Last updated: 28.09.2017

Good to know about Assura

Assura was founded in Western Switzerland in 1978. The executive board and the first branch office were opened in Pully.

Benefits covered under basic insurance

The range of benefits covered by all health insurance companies is set out in the Health Insurance Act (KVG).

Changing to Assura

In mandatory basic insurance, a health insurance company can neither reject a policyholder nor only accept him/her with reservations. There is full freedom to change insurance and every person may buy insurance from any health insurance company – independent of their age or health condition.

Offerings from Assura

Assura accepts policyholders from all over Switzerland for mandatory basic insurance (standard model). Additionally, Assura offers alternative insurance models for cost-conscious policyholders – however, not the whole range is available everywhere in Switzerland. To find out if Assura offers an alternative model at your place of residence, we recommend comparing premiums.

How to contact Assura

Assura-Basis SA
Avenue C.-F. Ramuz 70
1009 Pully
Tel. 021 721 44 11
Fax 021 721 46 99

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Assura - 5 more forum articles

28/02/2006 from Audra


Hello I have basic insurance with Assura and my insurance broker tells me I am covered for up to 3 IVF treatments before the age of 42. Is this also exempt from deductible and retention rates? I can't read French so the Assura website is of no use to me. Also, how can I obtain cover for teeth straightening More



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01/02/2006 from hanif

switch to international Insurance

I was wondering if it's allowed by law to switch insurance from swiss-based provider to international provider? More



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04/10/2005 from spinx

which is the cheapest health insurance for 2005?

I need to take a health insurance for the last 3 months of 2005. Which is the cheapest one with the maximum franchise of 2500 CHF? On comparis, I can only find the prices for 2006. For 2006 it is indicated that Assura is the cheapest with 172 CHF/month. More



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25/09/2004 from no

Assura 2005

I was checking your webpage to see what my insurance would cost in 2005 for Assura basic insurance but there is no amount given. What does this mean? More



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06/05/2004 from H.Dewi


Je suis expatrié qui travail dans Suisse. Au moment où j'ai l'assurance suisse. Est-ce que on lui permet si je change en (autre que le Suisse) assureur international qui couvrent dans le monde entier ? More



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