Mortgages: the easy way to find the best deal online

Is your mortgage maturing in the next 18 months?

Banks and insurance companies are offering 10-year fixed-rate mortgages at rates of between 0.66% and 1.05%. Compare them at

Independent, professional and straightforward – HypoPlus will help you find the right mortgage deal offers you an easy way to take out a right mortgage for your own home or multi-family house. Thanks to the individual advice from our experienced mortgage specialists, you can be sure that your financing solution optimally suits your needs.

Find the right mortgage from home

In a first step, you enter the key data on your financing needs online in our Mortgage Calculator. In a second step, a mortgage specialist will contact you within 1-2 working days, give you individual advice and, together with you, define the right financing strategy for you.

Specialised and independent mortgage advice

The mortgage specialists at HypoPlus, a sister company of, have profound knowledge of and several years' practical experience in the mortgage sector. Their advisory service is neutral, both with respect to the mortgage model and to the banks or insurance companies offering financing solutions. It is our ambition to find the right mortgage for you.

Quick and easy comparison

Thanks to the size of its network (currently over 50 banks and insurance companies) and its bargaining power, is able to offer its customers particularly favourable terms for fixed-rate and LIBOR mortgages, some of which have been prenegotiated exclusively. The conclusion of the mortgage itself is done directly with the lender (bank or insurance company). This saves you from having to go to several banks and compare and negotiate mortgages, which is both exhausting and time-consuming.