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Don't delay the task of arranging finance for your new home. Since mortgages involve substantial sums of money, it’s worth comparing the terms offered by different lenders. Request a no-obligation mortgage comparison that is tailored to your personal situation. Our experts will compile a list of the best rates and conditions offered by various mortgage lenders in Switzerland, and can save you the trouble of having to negotiate.

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Mortgage calculator

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Mortgage Barometer - 1st QTR 2018

At the beginning of the year, mortgage rates rose higher than they have done for a long time. In mid-February, they even reached a two-year high before dropping slightly in March. What does this mean for mortgage borrowers? More

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Mortgage Guide

Choosing a mortgage often raises more questions than answers. Which product type is best for me? How do I refinance my mortgage? Can I get out of a fixed-rate mortgage early? We shed light on these issues and more. More


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