Car insurance

Comparis Rating of the car insurance products

The Comparis Rating reflects quality of benefits and customer satisfaction. The ratings are as follows:
5.5-6.0 very good, 5.0-5.4 good, 4.5-4.9 satisfactory, 4.0-4.4 adequate, 1.0-3.9 poor

The following aspects are taken into account:

The most important evaluation parameters used by for:

Insurance benefits
The various insurance benefits are evaluated on the basis of how well they cover the insured risk. There are detailed regulations for each individual benefit. The basic principle is to cover general expectations as far as possible. The importance of these benefits is also evaluated. These criteria were reviewed in discussions with experts and developed further.
All insurance companies' products were assessed according to these regulations. The Comparis rating is the result of the evaluation.

Bonus system
The same procedure is applied for the evaluation of bonus systems. These evaluations were weighted according to 8 different driver profiles:

  1. Profile 1: 5 years' (+/- 2 years) driving without accident
  2. Profile 2: 5 years' (+/- 2 years) driving, one or two claims
  3. Profile 3: New driver (up to 2 years), no claims
  4. Profile 4: Many years' driving without accident
  5. Profile 5: Many years' driving, one or two claims in the last 5 years
  6. Profile 6: New driver with one or two claims in the last 2 years
  7. Profile 7: Older driver with decades of driving experience, who made two or three claims during the past 4 years
  8. Profile 8: Crash driver with 3 or more claims in the past 5 years

Customer satisfaction
Comparis determines the customer satisfaction of the insurance companies in an annual survey.