Buying and leasing


    The big Comparis car subscription comparison

    The general trend towards car subscriptions is also gaining momentum in Switzerland. Comparis has analyzed the services on offer to shed light on this new market. The result: in some cases, subscribers pay less than 50 francs extra per month compared to car buyers. More


    Emissions scandal – is now a good time to buy diesel?

    With its reputation tarnished, its value under threat and new revelations emerging all the time, the myth of the clean diesel is gradually being eroded. Find out what this means for consumers, whether a diesel car is still worth buying, and what to watch out for. More


    Diesel vehicles – interest falls by a quarter

    An analysis of 53 million searches on shows that searches for used diesel vehicles declined by 23 per cent over a roughly two year period. Does this mean that diesel car owners are going to see the prices of their vehicles drop? More