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Residential properties
All: Freehold flats, singe-family houses, holiday homes, multi-family houses, investment property, property with an unlimited price and special property.
Limited choice: Generally owner-occupied property – some providers (insurance companies, pension funds) do not finance all of the property types listed after "All".

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Benchmark rates
If the loan-to-value ratio of the 2nd mortgage exceeds 65%, some banks impose an extra charge on the interest rate of the 1st mortgage. The benchmark rate reflects this mixed interest rate.
• Each bank applies its own lending criteria.
• The conditions depend on your personal situation.
1 With our partner service, HypoPlus, Comparis users managed to obtain the terms indicated here over the past 7 days. HypoPlus specialises in mortgage intermediation and consulting.
2 The interest rate listed does not include a possible "starting discount" of 0.15% per year for the first 5 years.
3 Recommended by Raiffeisen Switzerland for member institutes.

Indicative benchmark rates (daily update at 3.30 p.m.).
All data according to information on lenders' websites and subject to change. © 1996-2019 AG


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