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Buying a car: what should I watch out for?

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Buying a car is a big investment. Despite this, many people neglect to ask about the possibility of getting a lower price. A Comparis study shows that bargaining can definitely be worthwhile, however. This is just one of the car-buying tips recommended by Comparis.

Are you planning to buy a car? If so, then you should be aware that appearance and horsepower are not everything. Comparis provides useful tips on buying a car.

Tip 1: compare sellers

As a matter of principle, you should not simply accept the first deal you are offered. If you want to save money on the purchase of a car, it is essential to compare different dealers and sellers beforehand. If the technical details of cars are a mystery to you, take along someone who knows about them.

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Tip 2: bargain correctly

If you want a discount, you need to ask for it: according to a Comparis survey, car buyers who are willing to bargain receive a price reduction almost twice as often as those who simply accept the price given to them. Accessories such as rims or tyres can also be obtained more cheaply in this way.

For that reason, it is essential to enquire about discounts and other benefits when purchasing a car. It is also worth asking about discontinued models or demonstration cars.

Tip 3: keep your eyes open when buying a used car

Used cars are a good alternative to expensive new ones. However, you need to be careful to avoid being ripped off by the seller. You should therefore take advantage of the opportunity to compare prices at Comparis. A bad price will show up straight away on our website. You can also use the Comparis Rating to help you find the best deals.

To ensure that your purchase is a success, we have put together a check list for buying used cars.

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Tip 4: the purchase agreement

A legally correct purchase agreement is essential when buying a car. This applies regardless of whether you are buying from a dealer or from a private seller.

To help you out with this, Comparis has created an agreement template, which you can download in PDF format.

Tip 5: compare car insurance

It is also well worth comparing car insurance deals. When purchasing a new or a used car, the buyer has the right to switch car insurance. The bonus level remains the same.

When taking out a new insurance policy, it is worth insisting on a one-year contract or an annual right of cancellation. This way you remain flexible and can switch to a cheaper provider without any problems at a later date.

Tip 6: compare tyres

Nowadays, there are many tyre sellers operating online. The article Buying car tyres online – what you need to know explains how to find the right tyres at the best price for your new car quickly and easily.