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Partial casco insurance

  • What does partial casco insurance cover?
  • How much does partial casco insurance cost?
  • When is it worth taking out partial casco insurance?
  • Compare premiums for partial casco insurance

The benefits covered by partial casco insurance vary according to the car insurance company. Generally speaking, partial casco covers damage to your own car not caused by a collision. Partial casco insurance is optional.

What does partial casco insurance cover?

Partial casco insurance covers damage to your own car. It includes the following risks:

  • Theft: theft of the vehicle, including damage to the vehicle due to attempted theft. The risk is affected by factors such as where you usually park your vehicle (e.g. garage, private or public parking space).
  • Damage due to natural hazards: damage to the vehicle caused by forces of nature such as gales, avalanches, hail, landslides, rockfall, high water, floods and weight of snow.
  • Fire: damage to your own vehicle caused by fire, lightning, explosions and short circuits.
  • Glass (breakage): this covers all the main glass areas (windscreen, rear and side windows). You can take out an add-on to cover other glass or glass-like parts, such as headlights and mirrors.
  • Collision with animals: damage to your vehicle resulting from a collision with an animal, e.g. a deer.
  • Acts of vandalism: if someone intentionally breaks off an aerial, windscreen wiper or wing mirror, punctures your tyres or contaminates the contents of your fuel tank, the insurance covers the cost of repairs. Note: scratches to paintwork are classed as a collision event and are only covered by full casco insurance.
  • Martens: this covers damage to the vehicle caused by martens.

The following cover is available for an extra charge:

  • Damage while parked: insurance for damage while parked covers any damage caused to your parked vehicle by unknown third parties. This component is usually only available in conjunction with full casco insurance. It extends the cover in that there is no (or only a lower) deductible to pay on claims relating to the parked vehicle.
  • Personal effects: this covers stolen or damaged luggage that needs to be repaired or replaced following a damage event insured through casco insurance. Valuables are not included.
  • Courtesy car: a courtesy car is provided for you to use while any repairs are being carried out.
  • Mobility: this covers any additional costs arising as a result of a breakdown (e.g. vehicle repatriation, accommodation, meals).

Note: many car insurance companies include mobility (breakdown) cover as part of their partial casco deals. However, according to the definition of this insurance, this component is not compulsory. You should therefore check your quote to see if it is included.

How much does partial casco insurance cost?

The price of premiums varies according to the cover provided (e.g. high deductible, add-ons) and the insurer. On the Comparis website, you can compare the latest premiums and request no-obligation quotes.

When is it worth taking out partial casco insurance?

As a rule, partial casco insurance is suitable for cars between four and seven years old. You should also consider how you use your vehicle and your personal need for peace of mind when assessing whether partial or full casco insurance is the best choice for you. Find out what sort of car insurance you need here.

Tip: since repair costs for replacing the windscreen etc. do not necessarily decrease with increasing vehicle age, it may well be worth buying partial casco insurance for older cars, too.

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