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Below you can find information on motorcycle insurance from It is divided into two sections: information on the insurance company and experiences of Comparis users with the company.

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    Liability insurance

    • Sum insured: CHF 100 m (up to CHF 5 m for damage due to fire, explosion and nuclear power)
    • Deductible: generally CHF 0; CHF 500 for new drivers; CHF 1,000 for young drivers under age 26


    Casco insurance

    • Replacement value supplement: in case of total loss, always included for vehicles up to 6 years of age. This replacement value supplement offers below-average compensation compared to other products.
    • Partial casco: includes damage due to fire, alpine hazards, storm/flooding, collisions with animals, martens, glass breakage (only screen), vandalism and theft.
    • Deductible: CHF 200 for partial casco; CHF 1,000 for collision casco
    • Personal items: insurable up to CHF 2,000
    • Damage while parked: insurable up to CHF 1,000 or CHF 3,000


    Further options

    • Accident insurance: for driver and passenger; sum payable at death (CHF 20,000), disability benefits (CHF 50,000), per-diem allowances for illness (CHF 25) and hospitalisation (CHF 25)
    • Suspension discount: when you deposit the number plates (e.g. during winter), part of the premium is proportionally refunded; i.e. you are given a suspension discount.
    • Gross negligence cover: applies to mandatory liability insurance (not available to new and young drivers)
    • Bonus protection: available (cover for 1 claim per year)
    • Roadside assistance: insurable

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