ELVIA motorcycle insurance

Below you can find information on motorcycle insurance from ELVIA. It is divided into two sections: information on the insurance company and experiences of Comparis users with the company.

Products from ELVIA:

  • Motorcycle insurance

    Liability insurance

    • Sum insured: CHF 100 m
    • Deductible: generally CHF 0; CHF 1000 for young drivers under age 25


    Casco insurance

    • Replacement value supplement: in the event of a total loss, this replacement value supplement offers average compensation compared to other products. Compensations are made under the replacement value supplement even after the 10th year of operation. The maximum compensation is 1.5 times the current value.
    • Partial casco: includes damage due to fire, natural hazards, snow slide, theft, collisions with animals, martens, glass breakage (deductible of CHF 200 applies to replacement of screens), vandalism and assistance to accident victims.
    • Deductible: choice between CHF 0, CHF 300 or CHF 500 for partial casco, and CHF 500, CHF 1000, or CHF 2000 for collision casco
    • Motorcycle clothing: insurable at CHF 2000 and CHF 4000
    • Personal items: insurable up to CHF 2000
    • Damage while parked: non-insurable


    Further options

    • Accident insurance: for driver and passenger, including treatment costs; sum payable at death (CHF 100,000), disability benefits (CHF 300,000), per-diem allowances for illness (CHF 50)
    • Suspension / suspension discount: included (all-year premium, no depositing of number plates, discount included in price)
    • Gross negligence cover: available
    • Bonus protection: available
    • Roadside assistance: insurable

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