Switching insurers

Cancel by the end of March and switch health insurance mid-year

How to switch contracts mid-year: sign the cancellation letter and make sure your health insurer receives it before 31 March. Source: iStock.com/izusek

Holders of a standard model policy with a deductible of 300 francs have a special cancellation right. They may switch health insurance as of 30 June. However, to do this, they are required to cancel their previous insurance policy by the end of March. A fast and easy way is to use the letter template provided by comparis.ch.

Those who switch health insurance now can benefit from lower premiums in the second half of the year. This option is available only to those having the standard model of basic health insurance with a deductible of 300 francs (0 francs for children). A mid-year change of health insurance is not possible for those with a higher deductible or an alternative insurance model such as family doctor, HMO or Telmed. Unlike when you switch at the end of the year, you are not allowed to increase your deductible when you switch mid-year.

3 points to note when you switch mid-year

  • To switch to a new health insurer in the middle of the year, you need to give three months’ notice, i.e. your cancellation letter must be received by the current provider by the end of March at the latest.
  • It is best to send the cancellation letter by registered post. You can find a template for this letter here.
  • If you are behind on your premium payments, the health insurer may reject your cancellation. 

Under what circumstances can I cancel by the end of May?

If an insurance company raises its premiums in the middle of the year, it must notify its policyholders of this change by the end of April. In this case, policyholders enjoy a special right to cancel by the end of May. They then switch to the new health insurance deal on 1 July. 

What are the benefits of switching health insurance in the middle of the year?

There are many reasons to change health insurance providers. Most people switch to save money. Since the benefits of mandatory basic health insurance are the same everywhere, changing to the least expensive provider is an obvious decision.

Some policyholders want better service. To find out more about how the different insurers compare in terms of customer satisfaction, you can visit the Comparis Community or view the results of our annual survey of several thousand health insurance customers.