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Our top advice on how to pay less for your health insurance premiums
Save 1'020 francs on average.

  1. Choose a higher deductible (saves up to 30 percent)

    Opt for a higher deductible in order to reduce your monthly premium. This strategy is particularly suitable for people who rarely see a doctor and, in an emergency, are able to pay the full deductible out of pocket.

  2. Check out lower-priced alternative models (saves up to 25 percent)

    Alternative insurance models such as the HMO, family doctor or Telmed models allow for additional savings of up to 25 percent. Check your options.

  3. Don't take out accident cover (saves up to 10 percent)

    If you work for the same employer for at least eight hours per week, you automatically receive accident insurance – and can therefore take out health insurance without the accident cover.

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