Switching insurers

Why the postmark is irrelevant

What counts is the receipt stamp. Policyholders should therefore allow a time buffer when sending the cancellation letter.

If you want, you can switch health insurance and save on premiums every year. The cancellation letter must be received by the insurance provider by 30th November. Our online draft letter makes this easy and uncomplicated for you.

Don’t leave it to the last minute: Be sure to send off the written cancellation with enough time since for mandatory health insurance the date of receipt by the provider counts and not the postmark date.

The insurance companies must have communicated their new premiums by 31st October. The written cancellation must arrive at the insurance provider no later than 30th November. 1st December will be too late already. Note that the cancellation deadline is irrespective of whether the premiums have gone down, up or are remaining the same. Since delays cannot be ruled out, we recommend sending the cancellation letter by registered mail until mid-November or 28th November at the very latest, so that you can prove that you have given notice in due time.

If you are too late for this, you can also take the cancellation to your insurer in person and ask them to confirm its receipt.

With our online form you can create the cancellation letter for free and with little effort.

Our tip: send the cancellation letter by registered mail. And don’t forget, in order to be able to cancel your health insurance policy, all monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs (deductibles, coinsurance) must be paid. All bills must be paid before 31st December.

Also, parents are not obliged to insure their children with the same provider as they have. While you may have more administrative work with two separate insurance providers and also miss out on a potential family discount, below the line you are likely to save more money.

If you have already signed a new contract, your old insurance provider will inform the new one of the successful cancellation. You therefore need not worry about going without coverage or having to pay two sets of premiums. However, you don't need to have a new health insurance plan on 30th November, yet. You have until 30th December 2016 for this. 

If you want to learn more about cancellation deadlines under basic insurance and also supplemental insurance, you can find further information here

If you haven't compared your premiums, yet, you can do so now with our free and easy-to-use comparison tool. At just a click, the insurance companies will e-mail you the desired quotes as a PDF file for free. 

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