Compare, cancel and switch health insurance

In Switzerland it is possible to change your health insurance after cancelling your previous policy. Different terms apply to the changing of basic insurance and supplemental insurance. You can cancel basic insurance every year by the end of November. Read on to find out how it's done.

Compare and change health insurance

  • Compare the premiums and benefits in our Health Insurance Comparison and find out how much money you can save every year.
  • Check if choosing a different deductible for your basic insurance policy would pay off for you and whether an alternative insurance model might be an option. Plenty of money can be saved by choosing the right deductible or an alternative insurance model.
  • Request one or several quotes from the health insurance providers of your choice. Retrieving quotes is easy and can be done directly online in our health insurance premium comparison.
  • Check the quotes received and apply with a new insurer using the enclosed application form. The health insurers are obliged to accept you for basic insurance without any restrictions. To be accepted for supplemental insurance, however, you need to apply for admission by submitting a health questionnaire. The health insurance providers are not obliged to admit you.


How to cancel health insurance

Cancelling basic insurance

How to cancel your basic insurance policy by 30th November 2018

  1. Compare health insurance providers, models and deductible levels using the Comparis Health Insurance Comparison.
  2. Request a free, no-obligation quote directly.
  3. Cancel your basic insurance policy by 30th November 2018 (date of receipt by the provider counts) using the cancellation form and sending the letter by registered mail.
  4. Take out a new basic insurance policy by 30th December 2018.
  5. Your basic insurance is switched on 1st January 2019.

Please note that your existing insurer must receive your notice of cancellation by 30th November. You can also give notice on your basic insurance before having received the confirmation of acceptance from your new provider. Your state of health doesn't matter for basic insurance – you may even change your insurance if you are already receiving medical treatment.

Changing insurance with effect from 1st January

The insurance companies must communicate their new premiums by 31st October. In that letter, they must also inform policyholders of their right to cancel. The existing policy may be cancelled until 30st November. Example: If you wish to cancel your basic insurance policy, your notice of cancellation must be received by your current insurer by 30th November at the latest. It doesn’t matter whether the premium is being raised or whether you hold a special form of insurance (healthcare network, HMO, family doctor model, medical helpline, optional deductible level, bonus insurance). What is important is that your health insurer communicates the new premium as approved by the Federal Office of Public Health by 31st October. Note: The cancellation letter must reach your insurer before the cancellation deadline is over. It is the date on which the insurer receives the letter that counts, and not the one on the postmark. The cancellation deadline is met if the notice is received by the insurer by the last day of the statutory period (31st March, 30th November) during regular office hours. Registered mail deposited in the P.O. box is considered as delivered in the moment in which it is picked up at the post office. Since delays cannot be ruled out, we recommend sending the cancellation letter by registered mail until mid-March or mid-November, respectively, so that you can prove that you have given notice in due time.

Changing insurance with effect from 1st July

Holders of a basic insurance policy with a regular deductible (adults 300 francs/children 0 francs per calendar year) and free choice of care providers may cancel their health insurance with effect from 30th June with three months’ notice. This means that your previous insurance provider must receive your notice of cancellation by 31st March. Cancelling insurance mid-year is not possible if you have a basic insurance policy with a higher deductible (adults 500 to 2,500 francs/children 100 to 600 francs per calendar year) or with a limited choice of care providers (healthcare network, HMO, family doctor model, medical helpline) or with bonus insurance.

Policyholders whose premiums are increasing mid-year must be informed by their insurance provider by the end of April. In this case, you have until the end of May to cancel the contract and switch to another insurance provider to commence on 1st July.

If you have a bonus insurance policy with your current provider

You may cancel a bonus policy only five years after the start of the contract and for the end of a calendar year with three months' notice. Should premiums rise, the cancellation period is reduced to only one month, though the five-year rule for contract length still applies.

NB: Outstanding monthly premiums may prevent you from being allowed to change insurance.

Cancelling supplemental insurance

How to cancel your supplemental insurance policy in 2018

  1. Compare health insurance providers and benefits using the Comparis Health Insurance Comparison.
  2. Request a free, no-obligation quote directly.
  3. Check the period of notice of your existing supplemental insurance policy (usually by 30th September).
  4. Don't cancel your existing insurance policy until your new provider has confirmed your admission.
  5. Cancel your supplemental insurance policy by 30th September 2018 (date of receipt by the provider counts) using the cancellation form and sending the letter by registered mail.

The insurance companies are free in determining the cancellation periods for supplemental insurance. The cancellation periods are often longer than for basic insurance (e.g. three months before the end of the year, i.e. the deadline is the end of September). If you wish to take out supplemental insurance with a cheaper provider, make sure you wait until your new provider confirms your acceptance, as insurers are not obliged to accept all applicants for supplemental insurance. If you cancel your basic insurance policy, but wish to keep your supplemental insurance with your existing provider, you must point this out very clearly. The best way to do this is to make a note in your cancellation letter: “This cancellation only applies to my basic insurance policy. My supplemental insurance shall remain with your company.”  

Cancellation periods if premiums rise

The terms stated in the General Conditions of Insurance apply (e.g. one month from notification of higher premiums or per year end). It also possible to cancel your policy if your premiums increase because you enter a higher age group.

Cancellation periods if premiums remain unchanged

The cancellation periods for supplemental insurance vary. Some supplemental insurance policies have a minimum duration of several years and six months’ notice. The cancellation periods of supplemental insurance are stated in the General Terms and Conditions of the individual supplemental insurance policies:


  • Don’t cancel your current supplemental insurance until you have received an unconditional confirmation from your new insurer. Otherwise it is recommended to cancel only your basic insurance.
  • Health insurance providers can place a temporary or permanent qualification (i.e. restriction) on supplemental insurance if they consider an applicant's state of health to be an unfavourable risk. This means that the policyholder will not be covered for treatment for an illness addressed in the qualification.
  • Answer the questions in the application form accurately and completely. Health insurance providers have the right to make retroactive exclusions if it is later determined that false or incomplete information was provided on the application form.