Beat the heat: driving in flip-flops?

If you drive barefoot or in flip-flops, you risk encountering problems with your insurance. Source: iStock / pixdeluxe

Bare feet belong on the beach and not on the gas pedal: those driving barefoot or in flip-flops risk encountering problems with their insurance. Not because it is illegal, but rather…

The temptation is great on hot days to jump into the car with minimal or no footwear and drive off to the nearby lake for a swim. According to a Comparis study, one-third of people in Switzerland have driven at least once in flip-flops or barefoot. Be aware that although it is indeed not illegal to drive barefoot or in flip-flops, it can become expensive if something happens. That also applies to other inappropriate footwear such as high heels or ski boots.

Danger of losing your license

Article 31 of the Road Traffic Act (SVG) requires that "the driver must always operate his motor vehicle such that he meets his responsibility regarding caution". As long as everything goes well, driving barefoot or with flip-flops is no problem, even if checked by the police.

However, if an accident occurs and improper footwear is determined to be the cause, the driver will be issued a ticket and possibly lose his license. In any case, bare feet or flips-flops can easily slide off of a pedal and can affect sudden braking.

Gross negligence?

In a loss event, insurance companies check whether an accident was caused by gross negligence. In this case, the insurance company can reduce the coverage of comprehensive insurance or liability insurance such that the policyholder must pay for a portion of the damage.

Our tip: wait until after the drive to give your feet a break from the heat!