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Car insurance

Full casco insurance

  • What does full casco insurance cover?
  • How much does full casco insurance cost?
  • When is it worth taking out full casco insurance?
  • Full casco cover for leased cars
  • Full casco insurance comparison

Full casco insurance is a combination of partial casco and collision casco insurance. It basically provides all-round protection for your own vehicle. For damage to other vehicles (or objects or people), you need vehicle liability insurance, which is compulsory.

What does full casco insurance cover?

The precise cover provided by full casco insurance depends on the product offered by the car insurance company. As well as the cover provided by partial casco insurance (e.g. natural hazards such as hail and fire), full casco also includes damage to your own car caused by collisions (e.g. damaged bonnet as a result of you running into the back of another vehicle). It does not matter whether the damage is your fault or someone else’s.

How much does full casco insurance cost?

Premiums vary according to the insurer and the cover provided (e.g. deductible amount). Some insurers use a bonus system, which also affects the price of premiums. On the Comparis website, you can compare the latest premiums and request no-obligation quotes.

When is it worth taking out full casco insurance?

Full casco is particularly suitable for new cars and cars up to four years old. As well as age, how and when you use your car determines whether full or partial casco insurance is more worthwhile for you. For more information, see the article Which car insurance do I need?

Full casco cover for leased cars

If you lease a car, you must insure the car as required by the leasing company. Full casco insurance is usually compulsory. You are generally also obliged to take out a replacement value supplement.

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