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Car insurance

Tips and information on motor vehicle insurance

Compare premiums

In the premium overview of the Comparis car insurance comparison, you can see at a glance whether changing your insurance provider would pay off. You can view the premium details by clicking on the + sign. The rating indicates the quality of the service, customer satisfaction and bonus system of the insurance product. Click on the insurance company for further information on the product.

What types of insurance should I buy?

  • Liability insurance: Liability insurance is compulsory and regulated by law.
  • Casco insurance: Check if your vehicle still needs both comprehensive (or partial casco) and collision (or full casco) insurance. Generally, the older a vehicle is, the less you benefit from collision insurance.

Should I raise my deductible?

The amount of the deductible for liability insurance depends on the driver's driving experience and can therefore not be freely chosen. For casco insurance you have a choice. It is more advisable to choose a higher deductible for collision damage since it reduces the premium considerably more than a higher deductible for partial casco insurance and thus allows you to save more money.

Premium saving models

Premium saving models additionally increase the savings potential. Different limitations can apply with such a model; e.g. repair at a contract garage, no drink-driving (zero-alcohol level), installation of a crash recorder or compensation only at current value (for casco insurance). To know more, please read the footnotes on the result page.

Requesting and evaluating quotes

Check the quotes carefully against your requirements:
  • Do the insured benefits and the deductibles correspond to your enquiry/your requirements?
  • What is the bonus level?
  • Do you have to pay higher deductibles for claims whilst abroad?
  • If you require insurance for damage while parked, check the conditions. Depending on the age of your car, you may not be able to take out such insurance or its scope may be limited.
  • With regard to theft and collision coverage, pay special attention to the benefits provided in case of total loss (replacement value supplement).
  • Select a short term of contract in order to be able to benefit from cheaper offers more quickly.

Changing insurance

You can change your insurance company in the following cases:
  • Expiry of contract (sign up for our cancellation reminder)
  • When premiums change (premium increase, also sometimes in case of reduction)
  • Change of holder
  • Change of vehicle
  • In the event of a claim

Please keep in mind that the period of notice is usually 3 months. This does not apply if premiums are raised. In this case, your cancellation must be submitted to the insurance company by the last day of the insurance year with a registered letter.

To have your cancellation letter ready in an instant, use this template.

Car Insurance Guidebook

You can find all you need to know on the subject of car insurance in the Comparis Car Insurance Guidebook.

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