Car insurance

Premium saving models

Some companies offer so-called premium saving models for car insurance. What does this mean for policyholders?

  • Waiver of compensation at replacement value:
    In the event of total loss, no more than the present value of the vehicle is refunded. As a vehicle loses great value in the first years, compensation at present value is not enough to buy a similarly new vehicle of the same type.
  • Commitment to zero alcohol level:
    If a blood alcohol level is detected in the event of an accident, an additional retention of, for example, CHF 2,000 is imposed.
  • Drive recorder:
    A built-in so-called drive recorder continually records your driving characteristics and data such as speed, acceleration, fuel economy, date/time, type of road and current location. These data allow for quick and objective analysis of an accident, locating the vehicle in the case of theft and a customer-specific analysis of driving behaviour.