Car insurance

Premiums – Basic principles and differences

If you ordered an offer via our detailed comparison, calculates your premiums using your personal data directly on that insurers' online calculators.

Differences between online premiums and existing or offered premiums can be caused by different:

  • products,
  • distribution channels,
  • premium calculators and
  • risk assessment.

Products: Products offered on the internet are targeted at prospective customers whose needs can be covered by standard solutions. This is why certain people, such as those with very valuable cars or chronic crash drivers, cannot be provided with online products, since they need solutions for their individual case.

Channels of distribution: Personal consultations are not necessary for Internet products, since everything the customer needs to know is available online. Products only offered following personal sales consultations are more cost-intensive and therefore usually more expensive.

Premium calculators: Most insurance companies calculate their Internet products on a separate calculator. However, several insurance providers calculate binding offers on another calculator, which may result in different premiums.

Risk assessment: Based on your information, the insurance provider can place you at a different bonus level, charge additional costs for higher risks, include or exclude a certain kind of coverage.