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Car insurance

Coverage for damage while parked

This insurance cover is supplementary to casco insurance (comprehensive) and includes damage to your vehicle inflicted by unknown third parties while it is parked.
Coverage for damage while parked is usually only available for newer vehicles and for a limited amount of time.

Many types of deliberate damage to your vehicle caused by third parties (acts of vandalism) are already covered through casco insurance.

Coverage for damage while parked for cars additionally includes the following kinds of damage caused by unknown third parties:

  • Dents
  • Scratched paintwork
  • Sometimes also painting or spraying damage

For motorcycles, damage while parked is sometimes directly covered by partial casco insurance – albeit in a limited manner and generally without coverage of scratched paintwork.

Collision insurance covers damage while parked after deduction of the agreed deductible.

Insurance companies usually require a police report in case of a claim for damage while parked.

There is a national guarantee fund that automatically includes all policyholders through their motor vehicle liability insurance. Each policyholder contributes a few francs per year to this fund via his or her liability insurance.
The fund pays for damage caused by unknown or uninsured vehicles after deduction of a deductible of CHF 1,000, provided the damage is not already covered by another insurance provider. A police report is required for this.
Telephone number of the Swiss National Guarantee Fund: 0800 831 83

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