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Car insurance

Liability insurance

Why do I need liability insurance?

Liability insurance, also referred to as third-party insurance, is mandatory and regulated by the road traffic law. It covers damage that you cause to others with your vehicle (damage to persons or property and also resulting income loss).

Damage to your own vehicle and damage caused by illegal driving (i.e. without a vehicle registration certificate) are not covered by liability insurance.

Some companies include a waiver of reduction of claims for accidents caused by gross negligence in their policy, others sell this kind of protection separately.

All insurance companies offer essentially identical benefits under liability insurance. It is therefore worthwhile to pay particular attention to the offered premium and the Comparis bonus system rating.

What do the different deductible levels mean?

  • The compulsory deductible for young drivers (under 25 years of age) is CHF 1,000.
  • The compulsory deductible for new drivers (25 or older, licensed for less than two years) is CHF 500.
  • The compulsory deductible for all other drivers is CHF 0.

Every claim is subject to a deductible. The driver's age at the time of the accident determines the deductible category he/she belongs to.

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