Legal protection

Legal protection for home owners

  • Damage compensation area: if the liability insurance of a third party (or a liable third party) does not want to pay. A truck damages the garage door, his/her car insurance, however, does not want to pay for the repair.
  • Contract of labour: disputes of the insured person with employees that he/she employed for maintenance, servicing or administration of the insured building (for example the gardener, caretaker, etc.).
  • Own insurances: your building insurance does not hold itself responsible to refund you the costs of water damage.
  • Contract for work / mandate: disputes of the insurance holder regarding a contract for work which is related to the insured building, given that the work does not need official authorisation or it does not exceed the whole building sum of CHF 100,000.
  • Neighbourly disputes: for example a dispute with the neighbour if his/her house is blocking your view. However, this part of private liability insurance is regulated differently depending on the insurance company. Certain insurances limit the coverage amount in the case of neighbouring rights or only pay a certain amount for a one-time consultation with a lawyer.
  • Property law: disputes concerning property and limited rights of usage, especially relating to active and passive easements listed in the land register as well as base loads and boundary disputes.
  • Renting: disputes with the tenant. This part of private liability insurance is also covered differently. Partly, landlord’s protection is also insurable as additional option.