From health insurance to car insurance – the new Comparis ratings are in!

Which of the insurance companies will cruise to victory this year? has the lowdown.

How satisfied are the people of Switzerland with their insurance companies and mortgage lenders this year? That’s just what wanted to find out too. The leading online comparison service teamed up with market research experts GfK to carry out a representative survey. The companies have now received their ratings for 2018.

Whether health insurance, car insurance, contents insurance or mortgages, customer satisfaction is a key criterion for many people when choosing a provider. has been meeting this need for quite some time now by conducting an extensive customer satisfaction survey once a year.

Respondents to this survey evaluate different quality criteria for each provider. These include employee expertise, availability of contact persons, the premium amount and conditions. These individual scores are then aggregated to give an overall rating.

So who is occupying the top spots this year?

The winners are: Die Mobiliar, Swica and Luzerner Kantonalbank

Die Mobiliar, Swica and Luzerner Kantonalbank have the most satisfied customers. Die Mobiliar achieved the best score in the categories of both car insurance and contents/personal liability insurance, while Swica came out top of the health insurers. Luzerner Kantonalbank ranked highest among the mortgage lenders.

Here are the results by category:


Health insurance

Swica topped the customer satisfaction ranking with a rating of 5.4. In joint second place with a rating of 5.3 were three health insurers, while five others took bronze with a rating of 5.2.

Position Health insurer Rating
1 Swica 5.4
2 Agrisano 5.3
2 Concordia 5.3
2 ÖKK 5.3
3 Helsana 5.2
3 KPT/CPT 5.2
3 Philos 5.2
3 Progrès 5.2
3 Sanitas 5.2


Car and home contents insurance

With an overall rating of 5.5 for car insurance and 5.4 for contents insurance, Die Mobiliar was able to pull off a double victory. The Bern-based insurer was given the best overall rating of all its competitors by its customers in both categories.

Second place among the car insurers went to, with third place shared by three companies.

Position Car insurer Rating
1  Die Mobiliar  5.5
2  5.4
3 Touring Club Schweiz  5.3
3 Vaudoise  5.3
3  Zurich  5.3

Second place in the contents insurance category was held jointly by and Vaudoise. Achieving an overall rating of 5.2, a total of five insurers secured third place.

Position Contents insurer Rating
1 Die Mobiliar 5.4
2 5.3
2 Vaudoise 5.3
3 Allianz Suisse 5.2
3 AXA Winterthur 5.2
3 Helvetia 5.2
3 Visana 5.2
3 Zurich 5.2



Among mortgage borrowers, the customers of Luzerner Kantonalbank were the most satisfied. They awarded their lender the best overall rating of 5.4. With a rating of 5.3, three lenders managed to secure second place. A total of six lenders made it into third position.

Position Mortgage lender Rating
1 Luzerner Kantonalbank 5.4
2 Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank 5.3
2 PostFinance 5.3
2 Raiffeisen 5.3
3 Bank Coop 5.2
3 Berner Kantonalbank 5.2
3 Migros Bank 5.2
3 St. Galler Kantonalbank 5.2
3 UBS AG 5.2
3 Zürcher Kantonalbank 5.2


Comparis ratings

The breakdowns of all the ratings can be viewed at These ratings helps consumers to consider a provider's quality of service as well as price and benefits when making their decision.