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Home contents and personal liability insurance
  • Personal liability insurance protects the insured person's property in case he/she causes damage to other persons or third-party property.
  • Contents insurance covers damage to personal household items due to fire, natural hazards, water and theft at home

Personal information

Information on the building

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Standard of furnishings

This question asks you to state how luxurious your furnishings are:

  • Simple: you do not own any designer furniture or expensive family heirlooms
  • Average: you have a few pricier pieces of furniture
  • Luxurious: your home contents are expensive, including designer furniture
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Type of construction

A building is considered solid if less than 1/3 of the building is made of wood. The exterior walls and the roof are decisive.

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Hydrant within a distance of 100 m
In cities you can assume there is a hydrant available within a distance of 100 metres, even if it is not in plain sight.

Information on household contents

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Sum insured
The sum specified in the insurance policy, which becomes due when the insured event occurs. The proposed sum insured is calculated based on the number of rooms, the standard of furnishings and the number of persons living in the household.


Piece of advice: Define a rather generous sum since the compensation paid in the event of loss is reduced proportionately in case of underinsurance (i.e. sum insured below real value).
  • Home contents calculator
    Basic household contents: CHF 0
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    Basic household contents

    The basic household contents include fitments (furniture, curtains, etc.), household machines, crockery, bedding, clothes and shoes, comestible goods as well as personal objects that are brought by guests (i.e. guests' belongings).

    The calculation of the basic household contents(at original value) is based on the number of rooms, the standard of furnishings and the number of persons living in the household. In case of special furnishing, it is recommended to adjust the sum insured accordingly. The total value of the objects concerned (basic and supplementary household contents) can be assessed with the home contents calculator.

    Average standard of furnishings (excluding reserve for new acquisitions)
    Supplementary household contents
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    Supplementary household contents

    Objects that do not belong to the basic household contents or that have an above-average value are considered supplementary household contents. They include notably:

    Leisure time/hobby
    Works of art
    Valuables/jewellery (if not separately insured)

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    Entertainment / electronics
    Please enter only the total value of devices (e.g. TV, video equipment, DVD equipment, radio, hi-fi system, CDs and DVDs, toys, books, musical instruments, etc.) with above-average value.
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    Please enter only the total value of items (e.g. Photo, film and video equipment, PC (hardware and software), hobby workshop (tools, machines), model making, garden furniture/gardening tools, pets, uniforms, camping equipment, sporting equipment, skis, bikes, etc. (except motor vehicles)) with above-average value.
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    Art objects
    Please enter the total value of your works of art and antiques (e.g. antiques, sculptures, valuable carpets, silverware, etc.).
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    Please enter the total value of your collections (e.g. stamps, minerals, weapons, tin, etc.). Coins and medals are considered monetary values and can generally be insured up to a maximum of CHF 20,000.
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    Please indicate only what is not separately insured. You need a separate insurance endorsement for jewellery worth more than CHF 20,000.
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    Please enter the total value of other items with above-average value:
    Wine cellar, comestible goods, beverages, fuel, leased and rented items, etc.
    Constructional items and machines (installed or acquired by the tenant – e.g. washing machine, refrigerator, dishwasher, laundry dryer – and not insured with the building)
    Chattel buildings such as garden sheds or greenhouses

    Total supplementary household contents: CHF 0

    Sum insured: CHF 0

    (basic household contents plus supplementary household contents and reserve for future acquisitions)

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Glass breakage coverage
Glass breakage coverage is part of contents insurance and includes breakage of furniture glass and/or building glass. Building glass includes, for example:
  • Washbasins
  • Ceramic hobs
  • Water closets
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Furniture glass
Furniture glass includes all glass surfaces on furniture and wall mirrors. You therefore only have to insure furniture glass if you own glass cabinets, glass tables or an aquarium, etc.
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Washbasins and similar
Tenants do not need building glass insurance. This also applies to supplementary cover for washbasins, etc. House owners, on the other hand, should include this additional cover since they own the building glass.
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Building glass
Tenants do not have to insure this. House owners, on the other hand, own the building glass and should include this coverage as well. Building glass includes:
  • Window panes
  • Washbasins
  • Ceramic hobs
  • Water closets
Not insured, however, are:
  • Hand mirrors
  • Optical glasses
  • Glassware
  • Glass figures
  • Hollow glass products (except aquariums and glass blocks)
  • Light fittings
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Simple theft away from home
Insurance cover for personal items stolen outside one's own four walls, such as bicycle, snowboard or notebook.
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Original value
These items are generally insured at their current value. In the event of damage, this insurance supplement covers the price you would pay to purchase the same item new.

Personal liability information

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Guaranteed amount
Maximum sum insured per claim.
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Driving third-party vehicles
Supplement designed for individuals who occasionally (not regularly) borrow a friend's or colleague's car. Benefits cover for example:
  • Costs for repair of the borrowed vehicle (if the vehicle doesn't have full casco (comprehensive) cover)
  • Deductible of full casco insurance
  • Any bonus loss

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E-mail address for cancellation reminder
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