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Selling your property

Property valuation – find out the value of your home free of charge

Comparis provides lots of practical information on selling your home, irrespective of whether you wish to sell it yourself or appoint an estate agent:

Should you appoint an estate agent or sell your home yourself? The pros and cons

Whichever way you choose, we can guide you through the home selling process.

With estate agent  Without estate agent

Expert appraisal of the sale value of your property

Best price achieved thanks to negotiating support

Communication with notary’s office and authorities

Professional presentation of the property and tips on increasing value

Estate agent fee (approx. 2-3% of the property's value)

No estate agent fee

Time-consuming process of drawing up the contract

Organizing viewings yourself

Best price not achieved due to lack of negotiating support

No professional check on potential buyer

Let Comparis help you find a suitable estate agent now

  • Criteria our estate agents must meet

    • Listed in the commercial register and operating for at least three years
    • At least four years’ experience as an estate agent and at least ten properties sold
    • Recognized qualifications in the real estate business
    • Use a recognized valuation tool (IAZI, Fahrländer & Partner, or Wüest & Partner)
    • Undergo regular quality inspections by Comparis
  • How can I find the best estate agent quickly and easily?

    1. Get a free value estimation of your property via Comparis or fill in the estate agent contact form below with no obligation.
    2. We will get back to you within one day to recommend a suitable agent.
    3. If you are happy with the recommendation, we will connect you with the estate agent.
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