Car insurance

Replacement value supplement

If the replacement value supplement is insured, compensation in the event of a total loss covered by your insurance is not calculated on the basis of the current value valid at the time. Instead, a higher percentage rate is applied. Thus, the high loss of value a vehicle is subject to during the first years is mitigated. This pays off in the event of a total loss as the replacement value supplement of most insurance products is about 20 percent higher than the current value.

In the vehicle age table you can see what the average rates of compensation with replacement value supplement are. However, especially with car insurance, there are large differences between the individual products.

Most comprehensive (or casco) insurance products nowadays automatically include the replacement value supplement up to the vehicle's seventh year in operation (exception: Click2drive with their zero-alcohol-level product). AXA Winterthur, Basler, Vaudoise, and TCS insure the replacement value supplement even beyond the tenth year in operation.

If you lease a car, the replacement value supplement is mandatory.