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Car insurance

Changing car insurance

You can change your current insurance in the following cases:

  1. when the contract expires 
  2. change of vehicle 
  3. when premiums change (premium increase, also sometimes in case of reduction) 
  4. change of owners 
  5. in the event of a claim

1. Expiry of contract: 
The contract is valid for the period of time stated in your policy. If the contract is not cancelled by that particular date, it is usually renewed automatically for another year. Detailed information is listed in the general insurance conditions. You can check the various insurance providers' cancellation periods here.

2. Change of vehicle: 
It is possible to change insurers without loss of premium when you change your vehicle. The premium will be refunded proportionally.

3. Change in premiums: 
The insurance provider may change the premiums or general insurance conditions for the following insurance year. The policyholder must be informed of these changes at least 25 days prior to the start of the new insurance year.

If the policyholder has any objections, he may cancel his insurance contract for the end of the insurance year. The cancellation letter must reach the insurance company by the last day of the insurance year. With some insurers this only applies in case of a premium increase, with others, it may also apply to premium reduction (cf. general insurance conditions).

4. Change of owners: 
With a change of ownership, rights and obligations from the existing liability insurance transfer to the new owner. The new owner may cancel this policy within 14 days after taking over ownership.

Liability insurance lapses as soon as the new vehicle licence is issued based on the proof of insurance from another company. Comprehensive (or casco) insurance ends on the date of transfer of ownership. The premium will be refunded proportionally.

5. Claim:
After each incident resulting in a claim covered by the insurance, both parties may back out of the contract.

a) Cancellation by the policyholder: possible up to 14 days after the insurer confirms that he will provide coverage for the damage. Coverage lapses as soon as the insurer receives the notice of cancellation. The premium already paid will be refunded proportionally, unless the damage occurs during the first year of insurance, or in case of a total loss. 
b) Cancellation by the insurance company: possible until disbursement. Coverage lapses 14 days after the policyholder receives the notice of cancellation. The premium will be refunded proportionally.

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