Car insurance

Total loss

What are the rules for calculating the sum you will receive in case of total loss if you have comprehensive insurance (casco)?

  • The amount of compensation depends on age, mileage and original price of the vehicle.
  • The vehicle age table shows you the range of compensation for your vehicle (for coverage including replacement value supplement). Compensation is higher at the beginning of the respective year than at the end. 
The amount of compensation may vary depending on your insurance company. You can assume a case of total loss if:
  • the cost of repair resulting from the insured incident exceeds the current value; 
  • the vehicle was stolen (and not located within 30 days).


Please also note:
  • Under certain circumstances, a higher deductible may apply or compensation is only paid for the current value. This could be the case, e.g., for theft abroad, expensive vehicles, certain nationalities, certain destinations abroad, etc. Please note the terms stated in the offer and the general conditions of the contract. 
  • Maximum compensation will never exceed the purchase price. Deductions will be made for prior damage and the scrap value.