Car insurance

Deductible for liability insurance

The deductible, or excess, is the amount of money the policyholder is required to pay out of pocket in case of a claim. In order to determine the deductible for liability insurance, a distinction is made between the following types of drivers:

Young drivers:
Drivers below the age of 25. 

New drivers:
Drivers above the age of 25 who have had their driving licence for less than 2 years.

All other drivers:
All drivers not falling into the categories of either "young drivers" or "new drivers".

The deductible is usually indicated as a combination, i.e.:

1000/500/0 francs:
CHF 1,000 for young drivers, CHF 500 for new drivers, CHF 0 for all other drivers.

1500/1000/500 francs:
CHF 1,500 for young drivers, CHF 1,000 for new drivers, CHF 500 for all other drivers.

500/0/0 francs:
CHF 500 for young drivers, CHF 0 for new drivers and for all other drivers.