Car insurance

Young drivers

Motorists below the age of 25 are called young drivers.

Frequently, other retention amounts apply for young drivers than for older drivers with more driving experience. The entry on the deductible provides more information in this regard.

Young drivers commonly pay slightly higher premiums than older drivers because insurers rate their accident risk as higher. At the same time, insurers are very keen to attract new and young clients, frequently offering reduced premiums if you are willing to install a crash recorder in your car or commit to a zero-alcohol level.


Young drivers are well advised to request quotes from several insurers and then choose the most suitable offer. In addition, there are a few tricks worth knowing. For example:

  • Even if their parents have been counselled by the same insurance agent, young drivers should still look at his offer closely.
  • Multi-annual contracts should be avoided. In order to be able to benefit from cheaper offers in this fast moving market, you should only conclude one-year contracts or at least include a yearly right of cancellation in the agreement.
  • A special discount with one insurer is of little use if the premium is still more expensive at the bottom line than that from a competitor. Even seemingly tempting offers should be scrutinised and compared with other quotes.
  • Generally, the higher the bonus level, the higher the additional premium following a damage event. This makes an impact if, for example, the bonus level is raised by four degrees following a damage event. You should check whether bonus protection might be advisable.