Car insurance

Theft claims

Theft claims are covered under partial casco insurance. This includes damage arising from

  • theft,
  • unauthorised taking of a vehicle or
  • robbery in a criminal law sense,
resulting in loss or destruction of or damage to the vehicle. Damage to the vehicle resulting from attempted theft is also covered. However, damage due to misappropriation is not.



Your risk depends on where you usually park your vehicle. If you park it in a garage and it has an anti-theft system, your risk is low. For drivers of convertibles or motorcycles etc. who do not have access to a garage and who are only able to protect their vehicles poorly, the situation is different. Their risk is relatively high. Vehicles may also be less well protected on holiday trips.

Certain insurers only provide coverage for within Switzerland. Some companies impose additional retention for theft abroad (up to 10 per cent).