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Car insurance

Supplementary cover

Bonus protection

This ensures that your bonus level is not raised following a claim. Bonus protection is available for liability insurance and collision casco, and the premium is often linked to the bonus level. This cover is recommended for anyone who has not yet reached the lowest bonus level.

Gross negligence (more precisely: waiver of subrogation in the event of gross negligence)

If an accident is caused by gross negligence (e.g. collision after driving through a red traffic light), the insurance company can recover losses from the person responsible. In other words, the insurer can claim back a proportion of the money paid out for the claim. This cover costs around 60 francs per year. We recommend this product to anyone preferring to have all-round cover.

Damage while parked

This cover applies if a car sustains collision damage while it is parked. Some insurance companies also cover other damage like scratches to the paintwork. This cover can usually be taken out for newer vehicles (especially for scratches to paintwork) and the annual premium depends on the vehicle's new price and personal driver criteria. Recommended for new cars.

Personal effects (items carried in the car)

This insurance covers items you typically take with you in the car, such as a coat, handbag or sports bag. Cash is excluded. You pay approximately 15 francs for a sum insured of 2,000 francs. This cover is recommended for anyone who likes to take plenty of personal belongings with them in the car.

Breakdown cover / roadside assistance

This cover usually provides a 24-hour towing and breakdown service, including courtesy car. Check carefully where the cover is applicable. Some insurers offer different options (Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Europe, worldwide). It is almost always worth taking out. Some insurers provide this cover automatically when you take out a policy with them. In car insurance, breakdown cover usually only applies to the vehicle that you have just insured. If you want breakdown cover that also applies when you are driving a different car, TCS and ACS offer suitable products.

Cover for small glass parts (headlight insurance)

While the front, rear and side windows can be covered by partial casco insurance, the headlights are generally explicitly excluded from glass breakage cover. If you have expensive headlights, such as xenon headlights, you can include them in cover for small glass parts. Unfortunately, this cover is not available from all insurers. Contact your insurer for more information.

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