Product details – wau-miau

  • General conditions

    Age limit
    Admission between 3 months and 6 years of age

    Qualifying period
    The period of time beginning after the contract takes effect during which no cover is provided. In the case of an accident, this period is 10 days, illness 30 days, chronic illness 90 days and a torn ligament 365 days. 

  • Benefits covered

    wau-miau covers 90% of the costs for the following benefits:

    • Cost of treatment, diagnostic measures, radiological examinations, surgical interventions and pharmaceutical remedies
    • Cost of accommodation and food in the practice or clinic
    • Homeopathic treatment
    • Acupuncture, acupressure and osteopathy
    • Recovery and rescue of the animal and emergency transportation by animal ambulance

    Special benefits

    • 24-hour emergency hotline
    • Lost & found service
    • Legal protection
    • Travel insurance

    PLUS endorsement with supplementary benefits

    • Physical medicine (laser, therapeutic ultrasound, shockwave therapy)
    • Hydrotherapy, treadmill and magnetic field therapy
    • Shiatsu, bioresonance, radionics and reiki
    • Diet and hypoallergenic diet
    • Biochemistry, phytotherapy and spagyric medicine
    • Neutering and spaying

    ANEXO endorsement with specific benefits for the treatment of:

    • Cancer, tumours and lymphomas
    • Hereditary diseases
    • Breed-related diseases

    The ANEXO endorsement can only be included when you take out basic insurance for the first time.

    You can find more detailed information in the general insurance conditions of wau-miau.

  • Benefits excluded

    • Medical conditions or consequences of an accident that occurred before the contract became effective or during the qualifying period
    • Damage inflicted to the animal on purpose by the owner or persons under the owner's responsibility
    • Impaired health due to competitions or training sessions during which the animal has to face other animals
    • Vet fees for preventive examinations and cost of identification tagging
    • Cost of vaccination and other prophylactic measures (e.g. tick protection)
    • Disability, afflictions, malformations, hereditary and chronic conditions that exist at the time of the contract conclusion or before the qualifying period expires
    • Surgical interventions for aesthetic purposes and their consequences as well as dental care treatment
    • Diet treatment and any food designed for that purpose
    • Psychotherapy
    • Cost of birthing, neutering and spaying and their consequences, except for sickness-related cases (e.g. Caesarean in case of complications during delivery)
    • Infectious diseases except in animals that have been vaccinated regularly
    • Alternative and complementary medicine other than those mentioned under covered benefits

    You can find detailed information in the general insurance conditions of wau-miau.
  • Deductible, bonus system and sum insured

    Optional deductibles
    The deductible as stipulated in the contract is due once per insurance year. It varies depending on the product:
    • CHF 150
    • CHF 300
    • CHF 500


    Sum insured per year
    The sum insured varies depending on the product:
    • CHF 1500
    • CHF 5000
    • Unlimited

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Information about the insurance company

Insurance carrier
Europäische Reiseversicherungs AG
Head office
Margarethenstrasse 38, 4002 Basel

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